Pirate Tape, a collaboration between William S. Burroughs, Derek Jarman and Psychic TV.

Burroughs reads his first short story, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” on Saturday Night Live.

Gus Van Sant’s film adaptation of Burroughs’ The Discipline Of Do Easy

Burroughs interviews David Bowie in 1974

Burroughs interviews Jimmy Page in 1975

Naked Scientology Burroughs on Scientology

The Coming of the PurpleBetter One

Black Magic Mind War

Excerpt from Hashisheen: The End of Law

Roger Holden and William S. Burroughs’s “Cybernetic Cut-Ups” – Burroughs’s only known experiments with computers, in collaboration with computer animator Roger Holden.

Lots of Burroughs audio recordings, including him reading the complete text of Junkie

Several cut-up films, created by Burroughs and Gysin

Creative writing lectures by Burroughs

The British Library has published a collection of previously unreleased Burroughs/Gysin spoken word recordings