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United Nations No Longer Condemns the Execution of Homosexuals

The General Assembly passes a resolution condemning extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions and other killings every two years. The 2008 declaration included an explicit reference to killings committed because of the victims’ sexual preferences.

But this year, Morocco and Mali introduced an amendment on behalf of African and Islamic nations that called for deleting the words “sexual orientation” and replacing them with “discriminatory reasons on any basis.” […]

The resolution, which is expected to be formally adopted by the General Assembly in December, specifies many other types of violence, including killings for racial, national, ethnic, religious or linguistic reasons and killings of refugees, indigenous people and other groups.

Reuters: U.N. panel cuts gay reference from violence measure

Independent Infographic

The english newspaper The Independent has a great infographic on its cover today depicting which countries support the immediate ceasefire in the Middle East demanded by the UN and which do not:


(via Kottke)

Trevor Blake’s Open Letter to Amnesty International

I was just reminded of this by Fell’s post about Deliver Us From Evil:

Vatican City is a country. Vatican City has formal relations (embassies, diplomats, etc.) with nearly two hundred other countries, is active in the European Union and the United Nations, issues coins and postage stamps, has its own top level Internet domain (.va), and has a volunteer military. That Vatican City is governed by the Holy See – that is, the Roman Catholic Church – does not make Vatican City any less of a country. Iran and Saudi Arabia are no less countries due to their being Islamic theocracies, Israel is no less a country for being a Jewish theocracy, and in the same way Vatican City is no less a country due to its being a Christian theocracy.


Amnesty International has a long and rightfully proud history of criticizing governments that did not break their own laws but which clearly go against human decency. There are many countries in which torture is legal, but Amnesty International speaks out against them. There are many countries in which capital punishment is legal, but Amnesty International speaks out against them. Vatican City is a country through which child abusers were systematically sheltered for decades by people given diplomatic immunity to do so. It is appropriate that Amnesty International should speak out against Vatican City.

Read the whole thing.

I’d like to start some sort of letter writing campaign or petition to Amnesty International on this issue, but I’m not sure how to start. I’ve donated money to AI before, but I’m not a formal member so I suppose that would be the first step.

File Under: Best Thing Ever

Check out this comic book about the liberal-UN dominated future of America where bionic superman Sean Hannity broadcasts clandestinely under the Clinton/Moore regime. He then teams up with G. Gordon Liddy, Olly North and Reagan McGee. I can’t figure out the status of this- satire or commentary? The fact that the guy from EverQuest or whateverthefuck does the art confuses me more. I suppose that forms at least part of the joke. Check it out anyway. I should pre-order my copy…

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