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Libertarians Celebrate Freedom With ‘Burning Man on the Water’

Libertarians Celebrate Freedom With ‘Burning Man on the Water’


Libertarians who couldn’t afford to insure their “Burning Man on the water” type event… just do it anyway, sans insurance:

A small group of libertarians created their own, floating vision of the future in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta recently. It was, as organizers billed it, a little like Burning Man on the water — minus the giant, flaming effigy and with a fraction of the number of event-goers.

The festival was almost canceled due to insurance problems, but in true libertarian fashion, the would-be attendees created a do-it-yourself substitute in its stead.

The would-be event, called Ephemerisle, was sponsored by The Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to creating independent micro-nations in international waters.

“I heard about the cancellation and said, ‘In the spirit of self-organized nation-building, let’s get together anyways,’” said Matt Bell, who spearheaded the effort without any central leadership or organizational backing.

Wired: Libertarians Celebrate Freedom With ‘Burning Man on the Water’

It looks a little dull, but maybe the photographer didn’t get all the good stuff. They did have Burning Man mainstay Jason Webly perform.

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Futuristic Mega-Projects by Shimizu

Futuristic Mega-Projects by Shimizu

The Mega-City Pyramid
The Mega-City Pyramid

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corporation has developed a series of bold architectural plans for the world of tomorrow. Here is a preview of seven mega-projects that have the potential to reshape life on (and off) Earth in the coming decades.

Pink Tentacle: Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu

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Open-source technologies to intelligently inhabit the oceans

Open-source technologies to intelligently inhabit the oceans

Nomadic Ecosystem

Open Sailing is… well, just look at a list of their projects and check out their site:

- Instinctive_Architecture : an architecture that behaves like a super-organism, reacting to the weather conditions and other variables, reconfiguring itself.
- Energy_Animal : an independent module that generates energy from the waves, wind and sun, providing continuously off-grid energy and being a node for environment and data mesh networking.
- Nomadic_Ecosystem : engineering a mobile aquaculture to sustain human long term life at sea.
- : forum to formulate a global standard for a purely civilian internet, an internet moderated by its users, not by the governments nor the industries nor the militaries.
- Life_Cable : a simpler unified standard for energy, water, waste, information in a complex built structure.
- Swarm_Operating_System : a customizable decision assisting software, using real-time data about global threats or personal interests.
- Ocean_Cookbook : making the experience at sea not of a survival quality but a truly yummy experience.
- Open_Politics : think tank about a possible internal organization for a new oceanic urban structure.

Open Sailing

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