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From the blog’s description:

The objective of this blog its to post music related with Ritual music, in traditional ethnic way or on Modern side, Ambient, Tribal, Drone, Field Recordings, Dungeon Synth etc. with a strong inspier in NATURE and is cycles.

There will be a predominance of Ritual Ambient music, a sub-genre of dark ambient.

Ritualistic Nature

Awesome Free Witchstep Album From Bruxa

My favorite album of the year thus far is Portland trio Bruxa‘s new album Victimeyez. It’s an occult informed dark hip hop album, with tastes of electro, chopped and screwed, witch-house and dubstep thrown in. They call it witchstep.

The digital version Victimeyez is free to download and was released by Mishka, a streetwear company in New York City that also puts out some Pyschic TV merch. A cassette release will follow from Sweating Tapes, the label that released their debut EP Eye On Everybody last year.

They’re from Portland, but I have no idea who they are. I randomly stumbled across their first EP on Bandcamp and was hooked — it was my second favorite album of 2011 (after Zomby’s Dedication). Discovering Sweating Tapes set me down a rabbit hole of Portland-based dark electronic scene that I had no idea existed.

New favorite mp3 blog: Scenestars

Scenestars has good shit.

Reggae song that samples the Cure (or: Cure/reggae mashup?)

OK, I’m breaking radio silence (almost ready with Word Press blog, BTW) to ask a pressing question:

Either thsi morning or yesterday I found a reggae song that sampled “Close to Me” by the Cure on an mp3 blog. But now I can’t find it on my hard drive or in my recycle bin, so I must have streamed it. I checked a bunch of mp3 blogs and didn’t find it. It wasn’t the extended dub mix of “Pictures of You” from The Suburbs are Killing Us nor was it 311’s cover of “Love Song.” I don’t think it was a straight cover, just a sample.

Anyone else happen to come across this?

BTW, goodness at the following:

Lucky Pierre, again

So I got the new Lucky Pierre, and I like it. It’s much more upbeat than McMahon’s Prick stuff, but still pretty melancholy.

Here’s a semi-recent interview with Kevin McMahon.

And I noticed that there are 3 mp3 samples on The Official Lucky Pierre Page, but they don’t include “Side Walking.”

Jim’s Big Ego

Looks like there was a Jim’s Big Ego remix contest. Haven’t listened to the remixes yet, but I will.

Check out the videos for “Stress” and “Little Miss Communication” on the Jim’s Big Ego site

New Gold Chains and Sue Cie track

Gold Chains and Sue Cie: California Nites (via Never Came Home)

Audio literary magazine (or: getting in way over my head)

To furthur demonstrate my insanity, I’ve decided to start an mp3 format lit mag.

Obviously, this is still in very early planning stages. The basic idea here is to publish spoken word stories and slam poetry on Mperia. There’s a lot to be worked out still.

1. I’d kinda like to do only stories, fiction and creative non-fiction. But I do like the idea of having lots of stuff: interviews, essays, slam and/or spoken word poetry. If I include poetry, I’d like to have another editor dedicated strictly to poetry.

2. I think it would be fun to have perhaps one track of music per issue. But I’m not sure.

3. There’s the matter of recording standards and so forth. One person I talked to about this wants to include music with his submission. Others probably won’t. Should I prohibit music in order to keep the tracks consistent? Or should I try to compile a large amount of music that the voice tracks can be mixed with so that all tracks have music.

4. Will I take text submissions and try to match them with voice talent? Or only take submissions in which the writer does their own reading? Or require writers who don’t want to read themselves to find their own voice talent?

5. Mastering. I don’t really know much about mastering, or how difficult a process this will be. Is it really necessary for a project like this? Is it such a difficult project that no one would volunteer to do this for free?

6. Money and copyright. Ideally, I’d like to offer most of the money from mperia sales to the writers and voice talent. Keep a small percentage for operational costs. Leave the copyrights to the creators, so long as they agree to a Creative Commons license that allows for the mp3s to be freely distributed. There’s the kicker there, though. I’d like to encourage people to share the mp3s once they’ve downloaded them, maybe even link to free mirros of the tracks. Not sure if anyone would go for this, though.

7. “Cover art” would be nice to have for each issue.

There’s a few lit mags that already publish stuff in audio on the web: here are a few. The Corpse also has an audio section (probably the closest thing to what I’d like to do). But I think this will be something different and new. An edgy collection of works by new and newish writers, purely distributed through audio tracks that can be used anyway the listener would like (on an iPod, on a CD, on their computer, etc.).

So. What do you think?

March of the Sinister Ducks

Perhaps my favorite funny song ever, March of the Sinister Ducks by Alan Moore (yes, that Alan Moore) and David J. (from Bauhaus), is available as an mp3.

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