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Disinformation Books Sold to Red Wheel Weiser

New age publisher Red Wheel Weiser, probably best known to Technoccult readers for the Weiser Books line of occult books, has agreed to acquire Disinformation Books from the Disinformation Company for an undisclosed amount. The news was first reported this week by Publishers Weekly and I’ve confirmed it with Disinfo publisher Gary Baddeley.

The deal only includes the book division, and Disinfo will continue to operate its film production, electronic publishing and website independently. “Expect more disinformation books in the future – I’ve already signed a couple since we made the Red Wheel Weiser deal,” Baddeley says.

Baddeley will continue to work for both Red Wheel Weiser and the Disinformation Company.

Viking Youth Power Hour interviews Jason Louv

This week we talk to Jason Louv editor of “Generation Hex” a new anthology from the Disinformation Company on magic and initiatory experiences. We talk to Jason about his book, his new website Ultraculture, what happened in the ’90’s, what didn’t happen in the 90’s, how magic and the development of magic has changed in a post-9/11 world, and where we might be carried by the currents of the new magical renaissance taking seed world wide. Oh yes, we also discuss the magical efficacy of Aquaman.

51 minute MP3 38 megs.

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