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Ultraculture Journal # 1

Update: After some public comments made by Jason Louv and Shivanath, I felt compelled to distance myself from them. Read about it here.

The first Ultraculture Journal dropped on Friday. It reprints rare works by Genesis P. Orridge and Brion Gysin and includes the text of a yet to be released spoken word piece by Jhonn Balance. It also includes new work by many others, including rituals by Technoccult pals Nick Pell, Edward Wilson (aka Fenris), and Shivanath.

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Here’s Fenris’s Instant Bushido ritual:

Instant Bushido

To be used any time the concerns of your day or worry about your
problems is bothering you.

Take your hands hold them in front of you palm up, so that you can look at both.

I want you to reflect on the situation that has disturbed your equilibrium.

See with your mind’s eye the scenes played out, feel what it feels
like, hear the sounds you heard or fear you will hear.

Take all of those images, sounds, and feelings and push them into a
ball on your right hand.

Compress them into one chunk of swirling angst, let that become an
image symbolizing the whole upset.

Then in your left hand, visualize your own skull. It is cold and kind
of moist as it has been in the ground for a long time. Feel the weight
of it and realize you are going to die. It is a foregone conclusion,
already happened.

Compare the contents of your two hands.

Does the situation that has upset you matter at all compared to your own death?

With a dismissive flick of your hand discard the one that doesn’t matter.

More Taylor Ellwood and Lupa on Viking Youth

While this is listed as part 2 of episode 45, this is actually the first part of that talk with Tayler Ellwood and Lupa. It’s confusing, but in the long run our math makes more sense than your argument against it.

Yes, before we got into chips, dips, chains and whips we spoke intently on makin’ the magic with Anime, video games, and a little bit about how fucking great Tom Waits really is. We discuss technologies such as William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine and how that has led to the development of Light & Sound machines, WinAmp visualizers and other eye and ear candy like binaural tones. We also take an up close and personal look at Britany Spears, the Linda Fox to our Divine Invasion.
Here it is, take it with a table spoon of butter.


On Viking Youth Power Hour.

List of occultists (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia’s big list of occultists. Far from complete… no Genesis P. Orridge, Brion Gysin, Alan Moore, Paulo Coelho…

Link (via robbytherobot).

In Case You Missed It…

The Corridor of Madness had a nice discussion on Humanity Hacking recently.

Douglas Rushkoff’s Internet forum for his NYU class has been discussing Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. So if you haven’t joined in yet, now might be a good time.

… and if you’ve got $500 to spend, you could always buy David Woodard’s interpretation of Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.

Eyes Wide Shut: Genesis P Orridge on Brion Gysin

A Guardian article about Gysin by P Orridge

To me, Gysin was the source of the energy we associate with the most radical experiments of the Beats. He was the real source of the ideas; other people just applied them. That was a really important shift in my appreciation of the Beatnik phenomenon. From that moment I was hooked, fascinated and impressed by each layer of Gysin I discovered. As I peeled things away over the years, I was never disappointed. There was never an end to it. He was the only person I’ve met whom I would unquestioningly call a genius.

Guardian: Eyes wide shut

(via Disinfo)

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