Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War On Journalism

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You probably already know what this is: Robert Greenwald’s excellent documentary challenging Fox News’s “Fair and Balanced” doctrine.

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Freeman Perspective Episode 1: Corporate Logos

Torrent: 150 MB avi file.

The first episode of the Freeman Perspective is online and covers the connections between magical and Masonic imagery and corporate logos.

My two cents: I’m a Freemason, and I can barely make ends meet. And trust me, things would be different if I were running things. Also, I think there’s probably a reason that certain images (like rising suns and five pointed stars) are so prevelant other than conspiracy. Magical orders, corporations, governments, etc. all recognize the power of these images. It doesn’t mean they’re in cahoots. Not that I’m saying that corporations don’t have a deep understanding of the occult. In fact, I think they do. However, I doubt that there’s an underlying conspiracy tying all of it together. Rather, a number of smaller conspiracies at war with each other.

Also: does anyone know if any of the neocons in power now are Freemasons? What about Rupurt Murdoch? William Kristol?

(thanks to Wes and Sauceruney for the video!)

See also: Wes’s interview with Freeman on Key 23 podcast (33 MB mp3).

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