50 years after his death, supporters promote Wilhelm Reich’s work

“It was 50 years ago that physician-scientist Wilhelm Reich, best known for his discovery of a purported cosmic life force associated with sexual orgasm, died in federal prison, his books burned and his equipment destroyed by the government.

Ridiculed at the time, the European-born psychiatrist is today largely forgotten and his work on what he called orgone energy remains outside the scientific mainstream. But a small number of scientists and other believers are working to advance his studies — and resurrect his reputation. “Personally, I think it’s going to be a long time before all of his work is understood and recognized,” said Reich’s granddaughter, Renata Reich Moise, a nurse-midwife and artist in the coastal town of Hancock.

Also this month, archives comprised of nearly 300 boxes of Reich’s unpublished papers that were placed in storage at the Countway Library at Harvard Medical School will become available to researchers for the first time. Before going to prison, Reich directed in his will that the scientific papers, journals and diaries only be opened 50 years after his death. He also specified that his laboratory at the 175-acre site he dubbed Orgonon that overlooks Rangeley Lake be converted to a museum.”

link- Boston.com

Black Earth Institute

For all you writers, poets, and artists out there.

“Black Earth Institute is a progressive think-tank dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society.

Until recent times, art expressed grander values than commerce and celebrity. Delphic oracle, Celtic bard, African griot, aboriginal orator: all used word and movement, color and craft, to bring wisdom from the spiritual realm to their communities.

In the great tradition of Blake, Yeats, Neruda, Rimbaud, HD, Hurston, Zitkala Sha, Rumi and Ramprasad, Black Earth Institute supports the artist as prophet and visionary, creating a society attuned to earth’s rhythms and the rights of all people.”

Black Earth Institute

Hipsters worship Mayan saint of vice

maximon alter

A Kansas City, Missouri, artist well-known for his political public performances, Ford flew 24 members of his entourage to New York last weekend to participate in Maximon, a “public audience” with the aforementioned deity. Also known as Hermano San Simon, the spirit is traditionally maintained throughout the year with offerings of tobacco, liquor, music, flowers, and incense, and is said to serve as a redemptive or protective source for the prostitutes and gang members of Guatemala. (He’s also said to symbolize male sexual power-his darker aspects lead devotees to carefully guard his visage from public view for fear that his sexuality may run rampant. Um, bring it!) Participants in Friday night’s Williamsburg show-the first here after years of the celebration in KC-were instructed to bring evidence of their vices: These gifts to Maximon supposedly “guaranteed redemption for the artists and musicians of New York.” I brought vodka. Also: receipts from Anthropologie.

Full Story: Village Voice.

(via Robot Wisdom).

Wikipedia entry for Maximon.

The Life and Strange Death of Seth Fisher

Seth Fisher Vertigo Pop Tokyo issue one cover

Ben Morse writes:

Tokyo, Japan-the cultural and fiscal hub of one of the world’s most elegant and sophisticated societies. It’s the last place one would expect to find a naked man roaming the streets.

But Seth Fisher is out for a midnight stroll.

‘Seth was trying to overcome his fear of being naked in public,’ relates Langdon Foss, college roommate and longtime friend of the Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big In Japan artist. ‘He would draw all his scripts and then go out and walk around the neighborhood naked. His wife would lock him out, she was so mad. For somebody to do that in Japan, well, he might as well have eaten a baby or something.’

Full Story: Wizard: The Life and Strange Death of Seth Fisher

See also: Meanwhile interview with Seth Fisher

Interview with Invader artist Ian McEwan


James Curcio interviews artist Ian McEwan (aka Popjellyfish).

So yeah, I recommend studying Tarot imagery to artists to better inform their art. Especially illustration, and I’m only beginning to play with this, but I can depict emotional states more vividly when I associate a related card to it. Say, even in a generic superhero story, a villain’s plot is foiled. He has an EPIC FAIL moment, where he’s enthralled in the feeling that all is lost. If I want to depict that moment, I’d keep in mind the ten of swords, which Crowley also called ‘Ruin’. And for the hero who just saved the day, probably major 19: The Sun, Resplendant triumph and joy.

Full Story: Alterati (includes download of first issue of Invader).

Third ear open

stelarc third ear

Earlier this year, Stelarc finally found a medical doctor willing to implant a cell-cultivated ear beneath the skin on the artist’s forearm.


Stelarc is apparently planning to go through a few more surgeries to give it more definition.

“He’s also going to implant a mic inside the ear that will connect to a bluetooth transmitter, so the ear can broadcast audio from the internet wirelessly,” explains former BB guestblogger and sometimes Stelarc collaborator Karen Marcelo. “That Stelarc, always got something up his sleeve! He likes to say that too. ”

Full Story: Boing Boing.

(Thanks Natasha!)

Foolish People: Ten Towers, Tower One: Danny Chaoflux

From John Harrigan:

Ten Towers is an audio recording of Ten Magical people reading prose written especially for them by myself.

These people have been chosen because they are highly respected by the community they are a part of.

The Ten Towers is also a snap shot and attempt to comprise a state of the union address from the world of Occulture and Magic. This project is also my way of saying thank you to the people I care about. Giving something of myself in the creation of a piece of prose that will always belong to that person and that person alone. I do this because of how the magickal community has supported the work of FoolishPeople.

All Towers will also have access to the entire recording and everyone who works on the project and will be able to print and sell copies via CD. Any money made from the CD this way can be kept by the Tower who has printed and sold any CD’s. Towers can print as many cd’s as they like individually and then sell them. Each person designing the look and design, so as to create a modern day magical artifact. A limited edition specific to that Magical person, whomever they may be.

I have no idea how many of these recordings will get turned into artifacts until after the project is completed.

Tower number one is Danny Chaoflux. Danny Chaoflux is a Persian artist living in Portland OR, and the
founder of Portland Occulture. Hir main interests are crossdressing, dream travel, and ancient mysticism.

Download the mp3.

The Utility of Hyperglyphic Media

Wes Unruh defines and further explains hyperglyphics:

I use this term to describe a media that is capable of generating tulpas, thoughtforms, egregores, and eventually autonomous mathematical personalities. It was with some amusement I found after completing the rough draft of this article the following translation from Isidore Isou, the artist-poet responsible for the foundation of the Lettrist Movement, using the phrase metagraphic: ‘Metagraphics or post-writing, encompassing all the means of ideographic, lexical and phonetic notation, supplements the means of expression based on sound by adding a specifically plastic dimension, a visual facet which is irreducible and escapes oral labelling…’ It seems we have achieved something of this dream in the icons and notations with which virtual worlds are created and populated. Metagraphics and Hyperglyphics then, are the High Art of the new media.

Full Story: Key 23.

Viking Youth Power Hour: Second half of Philip K. Dick show

In the second half of our show on Philip K. Dick, the Vikings meander through the multiple mind states of our fearless author picking apart the events and aftermaths of what came to be known as the V.A.L.I.S trilogy.

We discuss the final work of PKD which, unfortunately, was never completed and how that project known as “The Owl in Daylight” shows PKD prophecizing his own demise 2 weeks before it’s occurrance.

Throughout his work PKD not only defined a new class of sci-fi hero – the delinquent savante – but also challenged our notion of what it means to be sane, what it means to be insane, and what it means to come to realize that our defining organism – the artist who created this whole mess of several worlds, the organism we all may be but fingers upon fingers of the same self within – may itself be as batty as the most batty amongst us.

MP3 on Viking Youth Power Hour.

Viking Youth Power Hour: The 150 Year Storm

Drinking to the end of american democracy the vikings tread across the grim waters of the 9/11 conspiracies. We get things rolling by discussing how the news stumbled into the collective and individual laps of the vikings and the challenges it posed to a group of dingbats from a generation who found patriotism anethema.

We drop some science about how governments and ruling bodies over the years have used military actions to get the people behind their agendas. Look up the USS Maine and the Reich Stag smart ass.

We then move into a discussion and dissection of the very important video Loose Change. if you watch any video on the questions with the dominant 9/11 story, please make it this one. Even if you’ve seen other videos, even if you’re absolutely certain you have ALL the answers about what went down on that dark day, please do yourself a favor and watch this video right away.

When those planes incinerated into ash against the two towers of western civilization the world began it’s rusty saunter towards a truly new day. Whether that day, which is creeping towards us with an increasing velocity, becomes one of never before imagined freedom or a crippling hiccup and recapitulation of a legacy of unbalanced power is yet to be seen, but coming to find answers as to who participated in what artist Paul Laffoley called “the end of post-modernism” may be a powerful initiatory step to rediscovering hope.

Devendra Banhart closes the show with “Crippled Crow”.

MP3 from Viking Youth Power Hour.

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