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Technoccult TV: Antero Alli (part 1)

Update: Part 2 now available

Technoccult TV talks with Antero Alli about paratheater, his films, the 8 circuit model of consciousness, and his plans for the future.

Antero Alli is a paratheater director, filmmaker, astrologer, and the world’s leading expert on the 8 circuit model of consciousness. For more information about his work, or to purchase his DVDs, visit ParaTheatrical ReSearch and Vertical Pool Productions.

And of course, you can see him give a presentation on the 8 circuit model this October at Esozone in Portland.

Special thanks to: Chris Cloke, Bill Whitcomb, and Trevor Blake.

(Watch for more episodes of Technoccult TV, inlcluding part 2 of this interview plus interviews with Paul Laffoley, Nemo, The Red King, and many more)

Antero Alli interview, plus: don’t forget Invisible Forest showings

This series of conversations is on the topic called the 8 Circuit Brain model. It is something that Timothy Leary first brought into the western consciousness, and later Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising gave it a more wide spread appeal. It was further developed by Antero in his book ‘Angel Tech’

This conversation covers the following topics:

History and introduction to the 8-circuit brain model
Absorb, Integrate, Transmit: Intelligence Increase
Embracing humility, flaws & paradox on the human journey
Circuit 1: Bio-Survival intelligence
Circuit 2: Emotional-Territorial intelligence
Direct experience
Meeting the needs of the second circuit

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To learn more about the 8 circuit model from Antero himself, be at Esozone

And don’t forget, you can see Antero’s new film Invisible Forest:

Thursday June 5, 9pm: DIVA Center, Eugene OR $5.
Friday June 6, 9:30pm: Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR $6.50
Sunday June 15, 2pm: NW Film Forum, Seattle WA. $8.
Wed. June 18, 8:30pm: Pickford Cinema, Bellingham WA $7.50
Friday June 27, 7pm: Shiny Object, West Sacramento. $5.

Here’s Erik Davis’s review of Invisible Forest:

Like a lot of heads, I first encountered the Finish wizard Antero Alli through his playful, prophetic, and handy books. If you are looking for a real-deal reality programming manual with just the right amount of Discordian spice, you can hardly do better than his classic debut, AngelTech. […] I’ve seen most of Alli’s movies, and they keep getting better. The Invisible Forest, Alli’s latest, is the strongest yet,

Full Story: Techngnosis

Interview with Antero Alli

Nice long interview in Key 64:

MG: Both Leary and Wilson felt that the bottom circuits imprinted at acute, random moments in early childhood and adolescence, but I do not see the biological basis for such small windows of imprinting. Certainly birth is the primary C1 imprinting process and a universal human event, but I suspect it only accounts for roughly 30 to 80% of the C1 imprint depending on the individual and the circumstances of birth. It seems that C1 imprinting starts in the womb and continues well into the first several months of life. I suspect that C4 imprinting occurs over a period as long as several years and I find it hard to agree with Wilson’s assertion that the entire C4 imprint is taken on at the moment of first orgasm. How do you feel about these early childhood imprints?

AA: My experiences parallel Wilson’s and Leary’s here regarding the early childhood imprints of the first four circuits. Once imprinted, however, there are years and decades of affirmative conditioning that fortify and maintain those imprints, habits that can run throughout the rest of our lives and can run or rule the rest of our lives. Though C-1 imprinting does start with the infant dependency event with the mother, or surrogate mother, I think circuits two through four (especially C-4) can remain “un-imprinted” for years to come differing, of course, with each person and their circumstances.

As for the entire circuit four imprint occurring with the first orgasm, this sounds ridiculous to me. If only it were that simple and easy yet circuit four has proven to be anything but easy and simple. It’s not just me; look at the world, look at our human history of warfare, genocide and social tragedy. Other equally complex imprints such as religious upbringing, courtship rituals, woman and manhood rites of passage, pregnancy, and parenting also inhabit the web of fourth circuit realities.

Full Story: Key 64.

Don’t forget: Antero Alli will be doing a presentation on the 8 circuit model at Esozone: the Other Tomorrow this October in Portland. Buy your pre-sale ticket now for only $40 (prices go up Sunday night at midnight).

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