Video: “Live Action Animation” with Electroluminescent Wire Outfits

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Invisible Babies = Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename Kids Next Door = The Invisibles

Danny Chaoflux on the similarities between The Invisibles by Grant Morrison and the Cartoon Network show Codename: Kids Next Door.

1: The leader, bald, wears shades, really into spy stuff.

2: Inventor/Shaman, always cracks jokes, “the weird one”, overweight [ie: Future Fanny].

3: Shes nuts.

4: Street thug with thick accent and hoodie.

5: Cool headed, laid back tomboy, specialty is stealth and investigation.

Theme : Worldwide loose knit cells operate in secret to protect and encourage freedom from tyranny.

The Antagonists : ‘The Old Gods’ and their lesser manifestations.

This has been brought up a number of places on the internet, but I wanted to shop an image to go along with it paired with a breakdown.

Sure you could say its a blatant rip off, but I think its more interesting to think of it as a starter set of key memes.

Stop Making Sense: Invisible Babies = Codename: Kids Next Door

Official Codename: Kids Next Door website.

Brad Neely’s China, IL to Debut Oct 2 on Adult Swim

China, IL

Adult Swim is running a first look of Brad Neely‘s China, IL featuring both Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers. It’s strange to see the characters with pupils.

It’s scheduled to debut at midnight, Sunday October 2, but I’m not sure if that means Saturday night/Sunday morning or Sunday night/Monday morning.

Adult Swim: China, IL (Warning: video starts automatically)

Here’s one of my favorite Professor Brothers segments by Neely:

5 yrs of graffiti, animated in 3D

Serge Gainsbourg – animation des graffitis sur 5 ans du mur rue de Verneuil from Arnaud Jourdain on Vimeo.

(via Nice Produce via Pink Tentacle))

Sex Life of Robots update

Wired has an update on the Sex Life of Robots movie and interview with sculptor and animator Michael Sullivan. The Museum of Sex has a new exhibition by Sullivan.

Video: Wired

Museum of Sex exhibition

Don?t Blink: Tales From the Far Side

I’ve been a big fan of Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” for as long as I can remember. His “outside the box” comics of silly reactions that monsters, animals, insects, aliens, and even vegetables might have in reaction to us human beings pulls me out of my reality tunnel and makes me laugh, and sometimes more importantly, is a reminder not to take everything so seriously. Now a DVD set of “Tales From The Far Side”, an animated series that appeared on TV in 1994, is available.

“Almost everyone has seen a Gary Larson Far Side cartoon in a newspaper or on a T-shirt, mug, calendar, or greeting card. But if you weren’t watching CBS on the night of October 26, 1994, you missed Tales From the Far Side, an award-winning animated short film that you’ve probably never heard of. Yes, that’s right: the Far Side was animated. Twice. And it’s brilliant.

The first short film premiered as a Halloween special in 1994, where couch potatoes and animation buffs like me saw it and were never able to forget it. The program was never broadcast on television again, but it did make the rounds at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, where it took the Grand Prix. Three years later, a sequel (aptly titled Tales From the Far Side II) never even made it to television.

Both short films are comprised of a series of vignettes in the visual style of the print comics, with a haunting musical accompaniment by jazz guitarist Bill Frisell (who has featured some of the scores from the soundtrack on his disc Quartet). The tone ranges from the slapstick to the macabre, humorous to depressing, and even has some live action cow action thrown in there.”

(via Fantasy Magazine)

“Im in Ur Manger Killing Ur Savior”

“Hello world. Welcome to For Tax Reasons, the animation studio of hip hop artists Ben Levin and Matt Burnett. In case you didn’t hear, animation is the fourth element in the hip hop tree of life. I don’t know, this is ridiculous. And speaking of Jesus. Here’s a new short, just in time for the holidays, called IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR. It’s the tale of three nerds who turn a nativity scene into a LARP battle, and various acts of sacrilege ensue. We conceived it around Thanksgiving of 2006, and hoped to have done in time for X-Mas. Well, we kind of underestimated how horribly tedious animation is, and lo and behold, it’s November 2007 and we’ve got 6 minutes and 36 seconds of animation that we didn’t really plan on devoting a year of free time to. So enjoy! Thumbs up!”

(via For Tax Reasons)

Mouth of Infinity – psychedelic occult video and animation

untitled celestial evocation

Mouth of Infinity on MySpace.

Mouth of Infinity on You Tube.

(Mouth of Infinity will be mixing video live at esoZone).

Mystery of How Pyramids Were Built Solved?

a French architect says that after studying the pyramids for eight years, he has solved the mystery with the help of 3-D computer animation.

Jean Pierre Houdin believes the pyramids were built from the inside out, through an internal spiral ramp.

“This is completely new. Everyone [before] me thought that the pyramid was built from the outside, only the outside,” Houdin said.

Full Story: ABC News.

The sex life of robots teaser

Here’s a teaser for the Sex Life of Robots. It takes a while to load. Obviously, this is not safe for work.

Update: Here’s a trailer on the official site.

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