Obama LSD blotter art

Obama LSD blotter art

December 3, 2009 2:45 am 6 comments

lsd blotter obama

(via Erowid)

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obama ecstasy pills


  • Unfortunately, the only thing I see when I look at that image is a Bad Trip which we are all in for :(

  • don’t be so paranoid! it’s fun! believe in the change! just have some hope. ;)

  • I had incredible Hope when I voted for him, but so far I have disagreed with just about everything he has done: from his shady cabinet appointments to the deplorable bailout; from his laughable health care proposal to the most recent tragedy, sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. He does not appear to be the man of “hope” and “change” who I voted for.

  • Nugghuffer

    Quit watching fox news and get out and live a little,the only reason you think hes doing a bad job is because your getting brainwashed by the media!!!STOP WATCHING T.V. and you will start to “belive” again…

  • harflimon

    More like, stop watching T.V. and you’d never have believed in the first place.

    Believe in yourself and those around you.

  • Doesn’t having a political figure on a drug like LSD seem hypocritical to anyone, or is it just me?
    Especially one as corrupt as him.
    I also feel inclined to say that FOX news has no sway on whether or not someone thinks Obama has led a corrupt presidency, honestly all you have to do is educate yourself, in the very words of Timothy Leary: “Think for yourself and Question authority.”

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