Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxian Car Being Restored – And You Can Help!

dymaxion car

The Dymaxion Car of R. Buckminster Fuller is being restored by the company Crosthwaite and Gardiner. […]

Trevor Blake of synchronofile.com has been providing essential research material on the Dymaxion Car to Crosthwaite and Gardiner since February 2009. C&G researcher Phil King wrote: “More and more details are slowly coming out from the archives and from people like yourself, but I must say your information has been the most informative and the most prolific so far. […] I know I keep saying it but your help has been fantastic and you have made a difference.”

synchronofile.com has been granted the great honor of announcing the restoration of the Dymaxion Car – because our readers are now invited to help in the project. Can you identify the manufacturer for this component?

Synchronofile: Dymaxion Car Restored

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