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  1. I watched The Holy Mountain a couple times this past week– I had never seen more than ten or fifteen minutes of it at a time before. I’ll have to look a little further into the bonus materials. I’ve become fascinated with Jodorowski, I want more. I saw El Topo this week as well, and it was similarly great.

    I remember a decade ago how my film professor would go on endless diatribes extolling Jodorowski and on and on about all the levels of symbolism, but we couldn’t rent any of them locally, the library only had one copy of each film and with 20 people in the class, and so I never saw a whole film and simply forgot about it.

    But yeah, fucking awesome beyond words. That bit where he comes down from the dais very slow-ly, dressed all white with the bold black and yellow contrasting background, the amazing tension, just gorgeous. The music, the whole thing. The soldiers with the bloody carcasses on pikes marching on the street. Not that there weren’t weak parts, but the highlights were so amazingly brilliant as to be worth watching over and over.

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