Grant Morrison interview from Disinfo Nation

Grant Morrison interview from Disinfo Nation

January 30, 2008 3:52 am 3 comments

I think this is the original Channel 4 Disinfo show segment. There doesn’t appear to be any Morrison here that doesn’t appear on The Disinformation: Complete Series DVD, but it is a different edit.

Update: Richard Metzger writes that this segment is “quite a bit” longer than the version release on DVD.

(via Phase II).


  • Yogaboy

    Yeesh! I saw that episode on Channel 4 the same week I’d read my first Invisibles collection and the co-incidence jarred me and shoved me over some restraining edge into the whole Magick/I’m-a-magician-don’t-you-know phase that apparently so many people have passed through also. Still on something like that kick even today.

    Does anybody know what Richard Metzger is up to these days? There’ve been Disinfo books since I know but the site isn’t as varied or interesting as I remember from the high wild days of “Counter-Culture 2; Return of the SM+I+LE Scenario”

  • Klintron

    Metzger isn’t at Disinfo anymore. He’s not even listed as the “creative director” on the masthead anymore

    A reliable source tells me that he’s working in marketing in LA now.

  • TiamatsVision

    Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumor that The Invisibles will be made into a movie?

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