Link-soup 6/28/07

Link-soup 6/28/07

June 28, 2007 6:20 pm 3 comments

Still don’t have the autopost thing working again, so I haven’t updated in a while… here’s a big ‘ol mess ‘o links:

  1. Everyday Yoga – yoga to do at your desk

    to yogasaved by 6 other people … 18 mins ago
  2. Darfur conflict heralds era of wars triggered by climate change, UN report warns

  3. MizPee

  4. Dynamic Abstraction

  5. Neuroanatomical correlates of brainstem coma

    to science neuroscience … on june 21
  6. Free stuff in Portland

    Platial map

  7. The Takeover Boom, About to Go Bust

  8. Another "Jesus with Dinosaur" pic

    to art humorsaved by 8 other people … on june 21
  9. The pmarca guide to personal productivity

    to lifehackssaved by 1330 other people … on june 21
  10. project management certification

    to work educationsaved by 20 other people … on june 20
  11. SugarCRM

  12. Songbird

  13. Are SugarCRM, Socialtext, Zimbra, Scalix and others abusing the term “open source?”

  14. Zimbra – open source AJAX based mail server

  15. – web 2.0 javascript provides you with easy-to-use, cross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries to make your web sites and web applications fly.

  16. Yes Men Strike Oil: Civil Disobedients Make Modest Flesh-to-Fuel Proposal

  17. Pligg CMS system

  18. Watchdog group slams Google on privacy

    to google techsaved by 12 other people … on june 13
  19. Top 100 hottest women – chosen by lesbians

    to sex gender queersaved by 142 other people … on june 12
  20. The truth about recycling |

    to environmentsaved by 287 other people … on june 12
  21. Gregory Fong’s Chinese Martial Arts

    to MA portlandsaved by 1 other person … on june 11
  22. The Profit Calculator

    The wild risks, unexpected niches, and day-in-day-out grind behind making a dollar in New York…for everyone from a drug dealer to Goldman Sachs.

  23. Plazes CEO Busted By His Own Product

  24. Mark Pesce and Jimmy Wales

    to business web2.0 … on may 31
  25. Wikipedia and Beyond

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