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Russia bans human tissue export in bioweapon alert

Russia has banned the shipment of medical specimens abroad, threatening hundreds of patients and complicating drug trials by major companies, the national Kommersant newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Kommersant attributed the ban to fears in the secret service that Russian genetic material could be used abroad to make biochemical weapons targeting Russians. The quality daily cited anonymous sources in the medical community.

Full Story: New Scientist.

Trip proposed to centre of Earth via Arctic hole

A U.S. scientist and a small band of believers are planning a journey to the Canadian Arctic for what they call “the greatest geological expedition in history.”

Are they searching for Arctic oil reserves? Documenting evidence of climate change?

Not quite. They’re looking for a fog-shrouded hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads — they say — to the centre of the Earth, where an unknown civilization is lurking inside the hollow core of the planet.

Full Story: National Post.

(via Post Human Blues).

Morbid environmental question: what’s the most ecologically sound way to dispose of a dead body?

A few months ago Honky Tonk Dragon asked me what I want done with my remains if I were to perish. I thought about it and wasn’t too sure, saying “whatever is the most ecologically friendly method.” I’ve been thinking about it again, and the only thing i could find on the subject is this article which suggests that feeding the dead to animals is the best way to go. I’m not really sure how one would arrange for such a thing, but I’d be fine with that.

Are there any other methods out there?

Is Occulterati art?

Ep16 - TwoFace

EPISODE 16 :: “Hep”

Ingredients: One half Danny Chaoflux, one half Ray Carney. Stir thoroughly, serve at art gallery in rimmed glasses.

Duration :: 00:29:27
Download :: MP3 (26.965MB)
Hosts :: Brenden Simpson, Wu

Political poll results

Ron Paul (36%)
No one/I don’t vote (20%)
Unsure (14%)
Barack Obama (12%)
Other Democrat (4%)
John Edwards (2%)
Mike Gravel (2%)
Other Republican (2%)
Third party candidate (2%)
Bill Richardson (1%)
82 total votes

Anarchist (19%)
Libertarian (11%)
Left-Libertarian (11%)
Other (9%)
Liberal/Progressive (8%)
Anarcho-Capitalist (8%)
Constitutionalist (5%)
Conservative (4%)
Anarcho-Primitivist (4%)
Socialist (3%)
Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist (3%)
Fascist (3%)
None (3%)
Anarcho-syndicalist (1%)
Communism (0%)
84 total votes

FWIW, I’m leaning towards Bill Richardson (even though I agree more with Mike Gravel) and my politics are probably closest to social democratic (but I don’t really fit neatly into that category).

Build your own brain machine

This weekend, learn how to hack your brain by making Mitch Altman’s Brain Machine! It flashes LEDs into your eyes and beeps sounds into your ears to make your brain waves sync up into beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves!

Full Story: Make (with links to podcast and PDF file).

Link soup 5/25/07

Finding Job Security for Sex Workers in Germany.

Bird shits on Bush at press conference.

Largest Minutemen chapter in the nation may be collapsing due to corruption.

Richardson Comes Out Against Immigration Bill — From The Left.

Bill Richardson using “Lopez” name on the campaign trail.

Podcast round-up

Sorry, I’ve been slacking on these…

The Viking Youth Power Hour:

Summer Blockbusters!.

Chicago Police Torture.

Greening The Man!.

R.U. Sirius Show:

Not the Prime Time Josh Wolf Interview.

Why Big War is Becoming Obsolete.

Justin from Brings It.

Can a Pacifist be President or Should we Just Stop Breeding?.

Gonzo: Hunter S. Thompson is Evoked.

Punishment & Prison.

Keith Henson’s Space Elevator.

Animals & Guns.

From The Zodiac Killer to Cho.

Snort the Dead?.


Chaos in Theory & Practice.

Everything Is Everything.

Immortality or Oblivion?.

Save Net Radio!.

Within John Gilmore & Without Him.

Link-soup 5/23/07

Man convicted of felony for using wifi.

Supreme Court: victims of wrongful house raids have no legal recourse.

More on the Supreme Court and house raids.

(all filed under Police State).

Study confirms virgin birth of zoo shark pup

Remember a few years ago when we reported a shark that was born to a virgin mother? Here’s an update:

Scientists have solved the mystery of how a baby shark appeared in a tank of females without the help of a male: it was a virgin birth. The bonnethead shark was born through “parthenogenesis”, a process where an egg develops into an embryo without being fertilised by sperm.

Virgin births, possible in some birds, amphibians, reptiles and bony fishes, are extremely rare. It had never before been confirmed in cartilaginous fish, such as sharks and rays. The birth, in 2001, astonished scientists as placental animals, including this shark, were thought to need genetic material from sperm and egg to produce viable young.

Full Story: The Guardian.

(Thanks Ulysses Lazarus).

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