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Disappearing bees not due to cell phones

Good story for sure, except that the study in question had nothing to do with mobile phones and was actually investigating the influence of electromagnetic fields, especially those used by cordless phones that work on fixed-line networks, on the learning ability of bees. The small study, according to the researchers who carried it out too small for the results to be considered significant, found that the electromagnetic fields similar to those used by cordless phones may interrupt the innate ability of bees to find the way back to their hive.

Full Story: International Herald Tribune.

(via The Guardian via Robot Wisdom).


Ep14 - Noche

EPISODE 14 :: “Cutupteralti”

Bill Whitcomb and Edward Fenris get their ideas cut to pieces, glued back together. [Appendix]

Duration :: 00:27:53
Download :: MP3 (31.916MB)
Hosts :: Brenden Simpson, Wu

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Sexy politician goes naked and crazy in Belgium

Tania Derveaux, leading candidate for senate of the NEE party in Belgium goes completely naked for the party’s campaign and for Belgium’s most popular men’s magazine. Their official campaign involves billboards featuring her in all her naked glory with a very seductive look and the text “I promise you 400.000 jobs” above her.” This was submitted to WTFsrsly this morning along with these photos.

Full Story: WTFsrsly (may not be SFW).

God listens to Slayer

god listens to slayer


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Klaxons – Magick

Move over Tool, there’s a new occult band in town.

(Via Wes Unruh and sn00p).

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It’s Friday

holy shit


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