Six technologies we need to fight to keep public dominion

I want to introduce friends and readers to Brainsturbation. I came across it via a comment made on my old blog, Occult Design.

Firstly, there are some good links to a very decent, select list of e-books to check out. There is also a mirror of a great Paul Laffoley gallery.

Second is the list of tech that we should be keeping our eyes open to watch for. I would somehow add legislation for artificial intelligence, as it develops, but that is a piece in itself.

We Need to Corner the Market on Future Tech Now – saving the planet pt. 2

  1. Universal Translation
  2. Encryption
  3. Teleportation
  4. ‘Acoustic Weapons’ is what happens when you classify Acoustic Healing
  5. Wireless Alternative Internets
  6. Fricking Invisibility Suits Yo

Follow the link to read more details about each subject. It’s a neato site, I dig.

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