Posters of Buckminster Fuller and C. G. Jung

Fuller Jung

I actually ordered these a few weeks ago and am just awaiting their arrival. For anyone else out there who thinks it’s sexy to hang smart dudes on their walls. (Links to Bucky, Jung.)

Barewalls has two sizes available: 10?8″ ($16) and 14?11″ ($20).


  1. Thanks, Fuller just became my desktop background. I might buy these when I have a bit of dosh.

  2. C/ Jungian [theory]\[philosophy]\
    very much essentials to thee said individual

  3. Some time ago, I was contemplating pursuing the rights to repring as fine art posters photographs of a select few thinkers. The initial run would have been to see how people responded to them, such as a few philosophers, thinkers, underground figures, authors, et cetera. After some research, I found the only scholar whom I could find on a poster was, of course, Einstein.

    I came across these recently, and it made me wonder again:

    Would there be a market if I went through with it?

    I had contacted a group that handled the archives of Jung’s estate, but had never progressed further than that.

    Anyone think it might be worthwhile to pursue? When I was researching it, I had actually found some really cool photos of some of my favourite thinkers, and others that acquaintances had suggested I look up.

  4. Portrait poster of Carl Gustav Jung with the quote, ?One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.? Alchemical Studies, Vol 13, paragraph 335 (page 265)

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