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Following this recent conversation at Occult Design and much of conversation in the occulture blogosphere, I want to ask: what is the one book you think occulture/counter culture/weird/underground/anarchist/whateva type people should read if they’re interested in starting a business? I’ve seen notes from Peter Carroll’s Chaos in Business class, and it’s a start, but I’m sure a few of you have suggestions for a good full book that will help beginners get an idea of the process. I have some familiarity with it all from having done it, and from being involved in start-ups, but I’m looking for a good beginner’s manual, both for myself and to recommend to other people. I’ve already found a good book on finding a job but I’d like something good on business. It doesn’t have to be written for an occult audience, just be a good, approachable book on how to turn ideas into reality by starting a business.

The rule, though: only suggest ONE book. This will be fascistly enforced. Comments with more than one book recommendation will be deleted.


  1. Persuasive Business Proposals

    Though, I’d also suggest a little book on one-page proposal writing, too. Brevity is a key in today’s business world.

    Not that I have an extensive business library, but the above has been excellent in aiding me so far; most of my material has to do with freelance work.

    You’ll also need to learn business plans, as well as get yourself a lawyer you like.

  2. Get Back in the Box by Douglas Rushkoff… trust me… he knows.

  3. I just ordered “Jobs that Don’t Suck.” I found it used for $1.48! Woo!

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