Jason Louv leaves Disinfo

Breaking occulterati gossip, from the Disinfo newsletter:

At the end of last week, Disinfo Books editor Jason Louv decided to leave us to focus on some new Ultraculture projects, which will include animation and a new collaborative book. Many of you know Louv as the editor of Generation Hex, the influential anthology on next generation magicians. It’s a book that TDC co-founder and ‘wicked warlock’ Richard Metzger raved about for months as one of the most alchemical we’ve released. I agree and want to thank Louv for bringing some inspiration and renewal to the TDC team at an important transition. I’ve posted some thoughts on Louv’s Disinfo stint here, also check out his Viking Youth Power Hour podcast, and visit the Ultraculture site. Given Louv’s emphasis on real-world projects and physical manifestations of magick, we’ll be no doubt hearing from him soon.

Update: I e-mailed Jason, and he’s mum on the details of what’s he’s working on now. But I consulted my tarot deck, and it says that whatever Jason’s working on, lots and lots of crunk juice is involved. That is all.


  1. Any idea what sort of animation project is being referenced?

  2. I haven’t heard anything.

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