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Device warns you if you’re boring or irritating

A DEVICE that can pick up on people’s emotions is being developed to help people with autism relate to those around them. It will alert its autistic user if the person they are talking to starts showing signs of getting bored or annoyed.

One of the problems facing people with autism is an inability to pick up on social cues. Failure to notice that they are boring or confusing their listeners can be particularly damaging, says Rana El Kaliouby of the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It’s sad because people then avoid having conversations with them.”

Full Story: New Scientist.

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Bruce Sterling Designs Bumper Stickers

destroy verbal systems

Sweet bumper sticker designs by Bruce Sterling

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Until the End of the World Director’s Cut torrent

Remember a while back when I was raving about Wen Wenders’ Until the End of the World and about how you could finally buy an import of the Director’s Cut? Well, the director’s cut was also released in Germany last year, and the whole thing’s available for torrenting. It’s in English, and the French parts are subtitled in English. It’s also got some deleted scenes.

2.27 GB Torrent.

Let Them Eat iPods: The Increasing Irrelevence Of The Tech Culture

Josh Ellis’s latest rant about the Grim Meathook Future (this time he talks a bit about the alternatives):

It’s a simple fact that the American lifestyle is unsustainable for more than maybe another decade. That means that all of the companies that are in the business of outfitting that lifestyle are screwed. It’s hard to sell big, expensive HDTVs to a nomad who lives out of a souped-up Winnebago and drives around doing manual labor. (I’m talking about you, of course, my reader, when the oil and the money finally starts to run out.)

The big markets of the 21st century aren’t going to be in luxury consumer goods like iPods and HDTVs and home stereo systems that pump more watts than the Grateful Dead in 1971. It’s going to be Lifestraws and inexpensive antiviral medication and cheap, cheap computers and cheaper Internet access.


There are larger markets to consider now, perhaps with smaller individual revenue streams but greater volumes than you can possibly imagine. There’s a great bit in Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon where some of the main characters, who are geeks, develop a system that allows Filipino pinoy workers to send video messages back home from the local branch of the global convenience store. The system is a hit, of course, and the characters use it to fund their long-term deranged money-making schemes.

It’s a good, check it out.

Of course, there are entrepreneurs and designers who are working on this sort of stuff… but like Josh said in his first rant, that sort of thing doesn’t get you on the cover of Wired. World Changing, of course, is the go to place for information about the real future tech.

Web 2.0 is great. I work for a Web 2.0 company (and so does Josh). But the most important challenges faces humanity will be energy, climate change, and water shortages. Hopefully, some of the tools of Web 2.0 will be useful for the people solving the real issues.

Also, check out this great interview with Wes Janz about archetecture and design in squats, slums, etc.

Amnesty International street art ads

Another pic and some more info at Wooster Collective.

15 Best Skylines in the World


15 Best Skylines in the World.

Above: Singapore.

24 End of the World Prophecies

End of the World Between 2006-2010.
After 2010.

Whorecast: An Invitation to “30 Second Sex”

Simultaneously webcast live at boa, and performed live at the opening night of Sex Worker Visions. Art opening begins at 6PM EST; 30 Second Sex begins live with chat at 7PM EST.

Sex Worker Visions is an art exhibition, gathering of sex workers and their allies, a celebration of $pread magazine’s first birthday and a collaboration with Sex Work Matters. Featuring visual art by and about people in the sex industry, curated by Audacia Ray, executive editor of $pread and former assistant curator of the Museum of Sex. Artists include Anne Hanavan, Charise Isis, Cristy Road, Fly, Heather Corinna, Molly Crabapple, Paul Sarkis and George Pitts. The opening will also feature book signings by Tracy Quan and Scarlot Harlot.

Video podcast on Sacred Whore.

Viking Youth Power Hour: Gonzales is a Dickless, Dog-Fucking, Cunt Whose Shamed Mother Had to Sell Her Wart Covered Testicles to Buy Her Son Out of Retard School

This week on the Viking Youth we snuggle up close to that warm, fuzzy, fountain of life pleasure that is our Surveillance Society and the Culture of Fear where we hang our hat. We comb over such delicate matters as the meth rouge currently being used to steal the remaining shreds of your civil liberties, the Advil cluster fuck, John Strassel’s delicate hand job techniques, Echelon, IAO, TIA, and other occult acronyms coopted by these dickless shirts who spend their days huddle fucking the Constitution for giggles. We also spend a bit of the time chatting on the long lasting satisfaction of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the UDV case and what this might mean for the future of this crowded, conservative bench. Watch your ass folks, the 4th Amendment is looking for a place to hide…

Mp3 on Viking Youth Power Hour.

NeoFiles Show: Goin? Neuro with Zack Lynch

R.U. Sirius interviews Zack Lynch, Managing Director of NeuroInsights and Editor of Brain Waves.

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