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3D Plasma Shapes Created in Thin Air

plasma 3D images

New Scientist: 3D plasma shapes created in thin air.

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Masonic Tattoo Archive

masonic tattoo

Masonic Ink

New group occult blog: Frequency 23

Frequency 23 looks promising.

Podcast round-up

R.U. Sirius: Timothy Archibald of Sex Machines.

NeoFiles: Craig Newmark of Craig’s List.

What We Are At War.

Viking Youth: Greys, Crowely, the UFO phenomenon and the Death of a Species.

Viking Youth: Mounting the Spirit Horse & Laying the Foundations.

US army to produce Mid-East comic

Interesting psyop:

An advertisement on the US government’s Federal Business Opportunities website is inviting applications for someone to develop an “original comic book series”.

“In order to achieve long-term peace and stability in the Middle East, the youth need to be reached,” the ad says.

Full Story: BBC.

I got a job

I don’t want to say too much about it yet. I start tomorrow, and once all the paper work’s done I’ll post more.

Holy Blood and the Holy Grail author sues over Da Vinci Code

Jonathan Rayner James, a lawyer for Baigent and Leigh, said the case did not relate to the theft of specific parts of text but to the appropriation of themes and ideas.

?Brown copied from ?The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail? and therefore the publication of the resulting novel is an infringement of my clients? copyright,? he told the court.

James said his case was not an attempt to ?stultify creative endeavor? or claim a monopoly on ideas or historical debate.

But Jonathan Baldwin, representing Random House, said Baigent and Leigh were making ?wild allegations.?

He said they were suggesting that ?Mr. Brown has appropriated not only the numerous parts of a jigsaw puzzle but the organizational way (Baigent and Leigh) put it together.?

I’m really baffled by how this is supposed to stand-up in court, but I haven’t read Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. It seems what happened is that Brown summarized the thesis of HBHG and proposed a counter-thesis within the framework of a fictional story. How is that a copyright violation?

Full Story: MSNBC.

Philip K. Dick Robot Goes Missing

Philip K Dick is missing.

Not the American science fiction writer whose novels spawned hit films such as Blade Runner and Total Recall — he died more than 20 years ago — but a state-of-the-art robot named after the author.

The quirky android, was lost in early January while en route to California by commercial airliner.

Sydney Morning Herald: Robot goes missing

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Praise “Bob”, slack off, lose custody of your child

Praise “Bob”, slack off, lose custody of your child. A Texas woman has lost custody of her son, not even being allowed to write to him, because she was involved in activities of the Church of the Subgenius. Although her son never attended any of the events, which involved fun, nudity, and good old-fashioned blasphemy, a New York judge, James P. Punch, allegedly a “strict catholic”, has denied custody of the child Kohl out of anger after seeing videos of the church’s devivals and X-days.

Full Story: MetaFilter .

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Gaians vs Transhumans: Or How to Survive the Crash

Regarding Gaians vs Transhumans, there is really is no conflict and I consider myself to be both. I see no reason why we as children of Gaia shouldn’t be able to survive, prosper and grow, while harmoniously restoring the biosphere to a pre-human paradise. If done right, nanotechnologies are the most environmentally friendly technology that could possibly exist. It is the perfect emulation of life in everyway, while also possessing an evolutionary unfoldment of ever- increasing intelligence. In no time at all, nanotechnology could reverse every “damaging” thing we’ve ever done, while simulataneously bootstrapping life and intelligence to the stars, which is by far holistically, cosmically and universally the most sustainable thing life could ever do. Life is about balance, beauty and harmony, but it is also about evolution, growth and awakening. Let a thousand worlds flourish!

Full Story: Future Hi.

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