Which Cutting Edge Magician Are You?

I got Taylor Ellwood, even though I think I’m probably closer to Michael Szul. I have no problem using religious symbology in magic, in fact I have more luck with religious material than pop culture material. Most of my practice is Golden Dawn style QBHL, sigils, and hypersigils.

Quizilla:Which Cutting Edge Magician Are You?


  1. I got the same results, and I also dont dislike religious magic.

    And plus I dont look like a damned hippy.

  2. I’ll admit that I took it a few times to see what combinations give what answers, but I’m Michael Szul. For real.

    Or maybe Angelina Fabbro.

  3. LaSalle Firefox? Angelina Fabbro? I’m somewhere inbetween the two (except the book what influenced me most magically isn’t on the list… that of course being Mother Goose)

    & I do look like a damn hippy. (‘xcept spraypainted black)

  4. I got Michael Szul also, but I think I was shooting for David Blaine.

  5. The real irony is that I don’t dislike religious magic either. Not sure where the person got that idea from.

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