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Elephant libido and our sixth sense

Gotta love that headline.

The jury is out on whether humans have the ability to communicate using pheromones but the research into elephants is considered a significant step forward in the understanding of this signalling in mammals.

Full Story: iAfrica.

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The Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2005

1. The Rediscovery of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
2. Filming of the First Live Giant Squid
3. New Homo floresiensis Discoveries
4. New Animal Discovered in Borneo
5. First Cryptozoology and Art Symposium at Bates College
6. Bobby Clarke’s Manitoba Bigfoot Video
7. Bigfoot Bounty
8. Mystery Photos of Cryptid Felids and Fish
9. Disney Yeti Expedition
10. The Laotian Rock Rat is Discovered at a Meat Market

Full Story: Cryptomundo.

NeoFiles Show: Top Five

“For the last show of the year, RU Sirius runs down his top 5 things, and realizes he hasn?t been absolutely super-thrilled by anything?”


RU Sirius Show: The RU Sirius Show Year in Review

R.U. says “Remember the time we got a frog and put it down Mrs. Beasley?s dress?”


Viking Youth Power Hour: The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas, the power of commercialism and the powerful grip of the Archons… lo, the holiday season is upon us and the Viking Youth Power Hour take their pistachio encrusted livers towards the path of understanding this strange whirlwind of decadence and delights..
We break down some of the histories, some of the myths and celebrations going on during this time of year. For instance, that douche bag St. Nicholas gets his feast day, Dec. 6, because he destroyed the temple of Artemis on that day. And as we all know, there was no greater threat to humanity, than a demure, beautiful, intelligent goddess of the woods whose presence may impart wisdom upon you. Thanks Nicky, patron saint of pissing blood on all that is good and pure.
But despite whatever interface you may use to understand the numinous (as long as it’s not too incredibly stupid, hateful, or, ummm, interested in perpetuating itself as the one true faith), the holiday season is a time for everyone to drop their bullshit, prop up a glass of egg nog and spend some time with family and friends thinking about the power in potential in humanity. The Vikings raise their glasses to all of you, our families, friends, fans and influences so that we all may pass through this longest night together.

1 Hour 10 minutes 68mb

Happy Solstice

If you missed these links last year, or if you just want to refresh your memory, these are great conversation starters at Christmas parties:

The Psychedelic Secrets of Santa Claus Santa and the aminita muscaria mushroom.

E-Sheep: Saturnalia a Jack Chick parody about the origins of Christmas.

Pagan Origins of Modern Christmas Traditions

Wikipedia: Christmas linked Holidays

And, why not: Wikipedia: Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!

Think Away the Pain

Pain can be mysterious, untreatable and debilitating, and its causes can be unknown. But if you could see the pain — or, at least, your brain’s reaction to it — you might be able to master it.

The researchers asked people in pain to try to control a pain-regulating region of the brain by watching activity in that area from inside a real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, machine. Initial results showed subjects could reduce their pain, some quite dramatically.

Full Article: Wired News.

“The Parallels!” Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges

John Barth on Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges:

Here, I thought, was a sort of Borges without tears, or better, a Borges con molto brio: lighter-spirited than the great Argentine, often downright funny (as Sr. Borges almost never is), yet comparably virtuosic in form and language, comparably rich in intelligence and imagination.

Full Article: Center for Book Culture.

Vortex Egg returns

Metachor’s back from Egypt, and has posted some intersting new links.

Vortex Egg.

Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong

Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong contributors read selections from the book:

4 mp3s.

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