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Monkey apes temple rituals


Aping Hindu rituals to a T, a monkey appeared at an Orissa temple, prayed for an hour folding its hands in the traditional sign of respect, took prasad, put vermilion on its forehead – and then fled.

Link (thanks Brennio)

In lieu of Friday Fiction…

I dropped the ball on getting a story ready for today, so go read LVX23’s the Black Queen and Adam’s Satan Ate My Microwave at Key 23.

Judge: Parents can’t teach pagan beliefs

Sad and strange:

An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge’s unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to “non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals.”

Reminds me of the Post-Waco fiasco bumper sticker “Does the government approve of your religion?”

Link (via American Samizdat).

Highlife Theory: Examining the Possibility of Life on Earth

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but this looks promising:

We’ve gotten close before, with the Gaia Hypothesis, but just missed it. The Gaia Hypothesis showed the entire Earth as one large living organism, but failed to show it as an intelligent organism. Highlife Theory shows it as an extremely intelligent organism.

Link (via Vortex Egg)

There’s only one generation

Thinking about generational issues made me dig up this old Grant Morrison quote from the online Filth letters pages. In response to someone talking about “the next generation” of magicians, Morrison says “THERE’S ONLY ONE GENERATION. I’M GLAD TO SEE THAT IT NEVER DIES.”


The personal website of Charles W. Cosimano, Master of Psionic

Still haven’t had time to really check this site out, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

His Serene Wisdom, Charles W. Cosimano, Master of Psionics, Archmagus and Troublemaker to the Gods, was born on 25, August, 1949, at 10:35 PM in Chicago, Illinois, USA. (WARNING!!! CASTING HIS HOROSCOPE IS VERY DANGEROUS. THE LAST PERSON WHO DID IT GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS AND HE WAS NOT EVEN PREGNANT!)

Link (thanks Brennio).

Valerie by Robert Maynard Kempf

by Robert Maynard Kempf

?We just about gave up the ghost that time, eh?? He smirked, revealing a mouth void of several teeth. Where the fuck is he going with this? Moving toward her and the mirror, Devolera winced each time he stepped on his nearly useless left leg. Both his ebony cane and his ankle-support boots bore the shine of meticulous polishing. The part in his hair looked like it had been cut there with a razor. Valerie glanced at his hands. Black leather gloves.

?The UV rating is through the fucking roof today, darling.? Words flowed from his mouth like piss from a greasy prick.

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The books Borges never wrote

A collection of Borges’s imaginary works, complete with covers.

Link (via

Learn tarot and tarot history

Learn Tarot is a practical online course in tarot reading, using the Raider-Waite deck.

The Hermitage is an excellent collection of articles and essays about the history of tarot. Of particular note are the history of the Marseilles deck and history of the magician card. The trump histories include images from many historical decks. Exactly the sort of site I’ve been hoping to come across.

One?s and Zero?s

One?s and Zero?s
by Shawn C. Baker

Imagine being a nine-year-old boy, sitting down to do your math homework one day, a subject you normally hate, and the numbers themselves begin to move and appear before your very eyes as not just shapes but shapes within a larger context.

Think of caveman hieroglyphics. The abstract symbols and images are not the things they were drawn to represent. So to I learned as a young child that the numbers of our mathematical system were not the things they represent. We have always been told that math is an abstract concept; I was just the first modern man to see the numbers for what they truly were.

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