Bastart on magic and sanity

Great to keep in mind:

Consider, if you will, the Hindu and Buddhist populations of the world: reincarnation is a standard belief, ?prana? is a standard concept, god is viewed as present in all physical matter, miracles are still widely believed in (and performed!) and Avatars – Christ-like or better beings in bodies – are still roaming around.

Now, do you want to talk about MAD? Do you seriously want to discuss at what point people have ?stepped over the edge??

That?s the basic belief system of a third of the world?s population right there. If you?re moving a little closer to it by deconditioning yourself from the veil left over your eyes by the death of god in the western tradition, don?t worry about going mad. Worry about what the rest of the world things of these crazy scientific rationalists who?ve closed their eyes to so much that is completely obvious if you look at what happens in life, not some textbook.


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