Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Yeah, it’s Cringley but I still think this old column is interesting:

In Steve Jobs’ mind, he has already won. Those of us who last for a few decades in this business find our own kind of peace and Steve Jobs’ is best exemplified by the George Herbert quote, “Living well is the best revenge.” Apple’s future as a boutique computer company is secure. He dominates Apple completely. When he doesn’t feel like being a high tech mogul, he can be a movie mogul, something Gates will never be. In Steve’s mind, he has the best of everything. Apple software is cooler than Windows will ever be. Palo Alto, where Jobs lives, is trendier than Seattle. Even Jobs’ plane, a Gulfstream V, is cooler than Gates’ Challenger 604. It goes on and on. Gates has never even considered this latter point, but I’ll guarantee you that Jobs has, and he revels in it.


  1. Your all stupid….Gates kicked Jobs ass and you know it….Gates doesnt really care about who has the cooler stuff….hes just looking for what works. so you should shut the FUC UP

  2. I feel a need to address Mike’s comment. To me, Mike seems to be a clear example of all people with whom I’ve come into contact, direct or indirect, that support Windows and dis Apple. He has likely never used an Apple computer in his life and feels he needs to be loyal to windows, for some odd reason. This brings up an interesting point. People who have Apple computers at home are usually forced to use Windows computers at school, at work, at other people’s homes, etc., since Windows is currently the reigning company in the field (why? I don’t know). However, people who have Windows computers at their own homes usually don’t have to use Apple computers because they are such a rarity in our society. Therefore Apple users usually have a more intelligent, fairer argument than those who use Windows. Also, most people who can make this fair comparison between the two companies choose Apple. What do you know? Mike has apparently never heard of apostrophes, he uses the possessive form of “you” (your) when the correct form is the contraction “you’re,” etc. Furthermore, he gives absolutely no support for his views, hoping people will believe what he projects to be factual. Most of this is a matter of opinion and preference anyway. When Mike states “hes just looking for what works.” while talking about Bill Gates, as if he knows him personally, he hurts his own argument. An entrepreneur who simply looks for “what works” suppresses creativity and advancement. In the world of technology, you want to find what works, and then perfect it, then work it some more until you have something amazing, then put more effort into it and make an even more outstanding product. That’s what Apple does. Apple started the personal computer revolution. It was Apple that said those hulking, clunky computers that can only be used by nuclear physicists aren’t good enough and can be modified and improved into something a fraction of the size. Gates never had this vision. Jobs did. You’re right, Mike, Bill does look for “what works” and that’s all he cares about. Mike, in the statement “Gates kicked Jobs a** and you know it,” what do you mean? Did Gates and Jobs get in an arena and duke it out like the horrible actors in the WWE? Or are you implying that Windows has a higher Gross Domestic Product than Apple. In Mike’s last sentence, he clearly states that it is his opinion that the First Constitutional Amendment, the freedom of speech, should be abolished. He even goes so far as to use a misspelled (probably in light of the comment moderation) a very pejorative word in capital letters, though he didn’t bother to add an exclamation point (or any punctuation at all, for that matter) afterwards. As for the article, whether Jobs’ material possessions are cooler than Gates’, I could care less. What is relevant, in my opinion, is that Apple is far more innovative than Windows. There’s a reason far more people switch from Windows to Apple each year than the other way around. As a matter of fact, there are many websites that feature many positive experiences, bits of information, etc. about the switch from Windows to Apple. Also, the movie industry and other industries that use advanced, realistic graphics in their projects clearly prefer Apple over Windows. The only drawback to using Apple computers as apposed to Windows computers, as far as I can see, is that Macs don’t have very many games with which they are compatible, but even that is changing.

  3. I am not here to send comments about anything, But personally i think Apple products are good for fashion statement, i personally a Mac. and i am here to say that Windows is way better than the O.S.

  4. I have used both but still would rather use windows. I choose to use windows because of the arrogance often displayed by apple users. i know i am stereotyping, but most apple users i have talked to only seem to be interested in calling windows users “stupid and or ignorant.”

  5. We are not stupid or ignorant, they are just jealous because windows kicks os by a long shot! apple wouldn’t be alive today if gates didn’t save them from going out of business….. you should see my pc….

  6. I think we can end this here.. Windows sucks. Mac Rules. End of discussion.

  7. Hello fellow Mac’ers. This is Dwight and I’m here to say, Mac’s in the house and is here to stay. I know you hear this coming at your ear so don’t turn away, Windows PC’s are a tired ass cliche. Think different fags, don’t look into the Vista. Cause you know all that ass’ll see is the Faizon Love.

  8. First, very nice rhyming Dwight, maybe you should manage your syliables so you can actually hear the rhyme. Apple has to come out with new software every year just to keep up with windows updates. No one uses apple computers, because they are as twice as expensive as dells and work no better. Windows definitely beats macs. Not to mention the upcoming of windows vista, which is suppose to be better than tiger, and better thant the knew upcoming mac software Leopard.

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