MonthDecember 2004

Debunking the “animals have ESP” hypothesis

Everything Isn’t Under Control rounds up links debunking the myth that animals have ESP because they sense signs of upcoming disaster before humans do.


Open thread

Technoccult isn’t really a discussion driven site like Key 23 but I figure it couldn’t hurt to post an open thread here.

So, talk among yourselves.

For those who don’t know: I’m moving

I don’t think I’ve been very explicit about this fact here, so for those who don’t know: I’m moving to Laramie, WY next week to live closer to these beautiful people. I have a nice cheap basement apartment already lined up there, and the guys who rent the house upstairs already have a wifi network setup, so I shouldn’t have much of an internet disruption. I’m still looking for a job, though. So think good thoughts for me!

Technoccult International is moving its global offices…

Hey everybody, I’m moving to Laramie, WY next week. I’m moving down there to be closer to these beautiful people. Laramie’s only a couple hours away from Denver, so I’ll probably be down there a fair amount. Any Technoccultists who want to get together should drop me a comment here.

(Kinda strange to think that I was sitting at this very desk in my parents’ study over 5 years ago when I coded the first version of this site, back when I was still in high school)

Oh, I still don’t have a job down there yet, so any prayers to your god(s) would be appreciated =)

The animals knew: tsunami kills people ind Sri Lanka, but not animals

“As Sri Lanka’s human death toll surged, wildlife officials expressed surprise Wednesday that they found no evidence of large-scale deaths among animals from the weekend’s massive tsunami.”

Link (via DRT)

Donate to the Red Cross

You probably already know this, but you can donate to the Red Cross to help support disaster victims in the Indian Ocean. I just made my donation.


List of occultists (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia’s big list of occultists. Far from complete… no Genesis P. Orridge, Brion Gysin, Alan Moore, Paulo Coelho…

Link (via robbytherobot).

Josh Ellis on Rural Poverty

Outstanding post by Josh Ellis comparing small towns to inner cities. I have a similar geographic background as Ellis (we both grew up in small towns in Texas and Wyoming), and mostly agree with what he’s written here. Reminds me of the first chapter of Jim Goad’s Redneck Manifesto (which I loaned out after reading the first chapter, but never got back. Heard it goes down hill after the first chapter anyway).

Update: Josh has written a newer piece called Common People on the same subject. In the newer place, he acknowledges the role of white privilege but still emphasizes class and geography.

See also: Palin’s Small-Town Snobbery: Why it’s time to bury the myth of rural virtue

Political posters

Been meaning to post this, but I still can’t post images to the blog: political posters from When I’m Out on the Streets

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Yeah, it’s Cringley but I still think this old column is interesting:

In Steve Jobs’ mind, he has already won. Those of us who last for a few decades in this business find our own kind of peace and Steve Jobs’ is best exemplified by the George Herbert quote, “Living well is the best revenge.” Apple’s future as a boutique computer company is secure. He dominates Apple completely. When he doesn’t feel like being a high tech mogul, he can be a movie mogul, something Gates will never be. In Steve’s mind, he has the best of everything. Apple software is cooler than Windows will ever be. Palo Alto, where Jobs lives, is trendier than Seattle. Even Jobs’ plane, a Gulfstream V, is cooler than Gates’ Challenger 604. It goes on and on. Gates has never even considered this latter point, but I’ll guarantee you that Jobs has, and he revels in it.

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