MonthNovember 2004

Mc 900 Ft. Jesus: While the City Sleeps

I was just thinkin’ MC Frontalot reminded me a little of MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Oddly enough, Scenestars has “While the City Sleeps” and “The Killer Inside Me” online right now.

Why people say where they are during mobile-phone calls

Computing for Emergent Architecture

open source project to generate urban forms

Walking in the City: Spatial Practices in Art, from the Mid-1960s to the Present

art exhibition about walking in the city

Walking in Place

blog about walking, urbanism, etc.

The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

Digital note-passing gains respect among adults

Sleaze SF paperback covers of yesteryear



(via Boing Boing)

Haitian Students Explain Voodoo Religion


Howard University recently catered to the Haitian Student Association, and allowed them to host a program entitled All Souls Day: The Demystification of Voodoo, an Examination of Voodoo in the Caribbean Islands in order to clear up the myths and false accusations regarding the practice of voodoo.

Link (via Madghoul).

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