Reggae song that samples the Cure (or: Cure/reggae mashup?)

OK, I’m breaking radio silence (almost ready with Word Press blog, BTW) to ask a pressing question:

Either thsi morning or yesterday I found a reggae song that sampled “Close to Me” by the Cure on an mp3 blog. But now I can’t find it on my hard drive or in my recycle bin, so I must have streamed it. I checked a bunch of mp3 blogs and didn’t find it. It wasn’t the extended dub mix of “Pictures of You” from The Suburbs are Killing Us nor was it 311’s cover of “Love Song.” I don’t think it was a straight cover, just a sample.

Anyone else happen to come across this?

BTW, goodness at the following:

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  1. The Cure Riddim on Germaican records if your still interested.

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