Recommend me some comics

I need to find some new stuff.

Right now I’m reading whatever Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan, and Paul Pope put out. I read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and hope to catch-up on all that America’s Best stuff in TPBs. I read 1602. I’ve been buying Planetary but haven’t gotten around to reading the past few issues. Rushkoff’s comic is on my wishlist.

What else should I be reading? Michael recommends Lucifer and Mike Carey’s Hellblazer. Wu recommends Dogwitch. What else is out there that I’m missing out on?

I’d really prefer to have a look at stuff that isn’t so, well, gothic, as Dogwitch and so on. Superheroes are fine, as long as they’re new and exciting.


  1. Oh, and Sam Keith hasn’t released anything new lately has he? Last thing I saw from his was either Four Women and Zero Girl 2 (forget which came first)

  2. I can’t believe my bloodshot eyes: Evan Dorkin did the Bill and Ted comic book? And it’s being reprinted?

  3. Sorry that I keep talking to myself here… Some new stuff to take a look at here:

  4. Do not miss “V For Vendetta” by Alan Moore!

  5. Personally, I’m a big Aquaman fan. It’s the only superhero comic that I read. And the new writer on the serious actually doesn’t suck either. They started a whole storyline where San Diego fell into the Pacific Ocean and the people were inflicted with a genetic alteration that turned them into water-breathers. The story deals with the turmoils of adjustment.

  6. I did a quick search on technoccult and found Alan Moore’s Promethea hadn’t been mentioned except in passing by Shropshire some time ago. It’s Moore’s treatment of the western occult tradition.

  7. Carl- V rocks. I’ve read quite a lot of Moore’s older stuff, LOEG other America’s Best Comics other than that, including Promethea. I’d like to read all that stuff, and now that it’s all wrapping up it seems like a good time to start on that.

    Really, I’m looking for new stuff… minis and graphic novels published within the last couple years or current ongoing series.

  8. Hey, here’s my deal: I managed a comic store from 93′ to 97′. I know quite a bit about stuff that came out during that period and although I still collect comics, I’m not as current as I used to be-hard to do when you don’t have everything in front of you to read for free, heh. But here’s some recommendations:

    You seem like a person geared more towards writing than art. Not that the art is unimportant, but (to quote a line from Kitchen Sink’s “The World’s Worst Comics”) you can put a pink bow on pile of manure and it will still stink.

    So, here’s some stuff I think rocks.

    Warren Ellis.
    Just about anything he’s done is really good, but if you haven’t read his stuff, start with the first Transmetropolitan graphic novel. As a description, imagine a Hunter S. Thompson-like journalist living one hundred years from now. Funny, thought-provoking, intricately plotted, and a darn good read.

    Alan Moore.
    Alan could write a comic about himself pissing into a bucket and I’m sure it would be a good read. Beyond V for Vendetta, Top Ten is a surprisingly good super hero comic-as silly as a city/world where everyone has super power may seem, Alan pulls it off. It is no longer currently running, but he did just finish a five issue mini-series featuring one of the Top Ten characters, Smax. Also, (if you can find the graphic novels or back issues-out of print and rare, they are) Miracleman is amazing.

    Stray Bullets by David Lapham.
    I had heard that Lapham was hired to write some movie scripts and it doesn’t surprise me. Stray Bullets reads like a darker, (nearly) humorless Pulp Fiction and although the ongoing comics are published quite sporadically, if you haven’t read the comic, this will give you time to purchase and read the graphic novels to catch up.

    As for current stuff, I think Bill Willingham’s Fables is spot-on, required reading. Imagine if all the children’s fables, folklore stories, and fairy tales existed in an alternate dimension. Then throw in the “adversary”, (a being that has only been alluded to and never addressed or described in the comic so far) who has raised an army and has been taking over regions in this alternate dimension for centuries, forcing many “fables” to escape to our world, the “mundane” world. They exist here in secrecy, primarily congregated in NYC, living within a self-governed community run by Old King Cole (mayor), Snow White (mayor’s assistant), and Bigby (the sheriff, formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf). Sound silly? It’s not. And although many folks might scoff at an Eisner award not amounting to anything, in Fables case, it is much deserved. Buy the graphic novels and catch up, then collect it monthly-you won’t feel let down.

    I could go on and on about older (well, stuff from 93 to 97) comics, but I don’t want to be a comment-space hog. Email me if you’d like any other recommendations.

  9. my buddy down at prairie dog comics in witchita’s gonna give me an update on comics this weekend – & I’ll bring this along for him to read & react to —

    as for vintage stuff – The One by Rick Veitch (recommended by people who are tired of being recommended the Watchmen)

  10. oh yeah, html doesnt work here.

    a link to a review of The One

  11. Fables is a great book… Y The Last Man isn’t bad either. Here’s my reading list:

    Swamp Thing
    Y The Last Man

    Books of Magic
    The Witching

  12. Thanks everyone for replying.

    I just picked up Hellblazer #194 and Aquaman # 19, neither of which were particularly interesting to me. I know I’m picking up random nodes in the story, but neither of them caught my interest.

    I also picked up an issue of Plasticman, which I think would be great for young kids, but certainly not for me.

    Turns out Sam Kieth is doing a mini-series right now. It’s called Scratch and it’s a werewolf comic for DC. My local store’s ordering it for me. I already have issue # 2 (of the 3 that are out), I didn’t read it but flipped through it and it looks very nice and… Sam Kiethy.

    I just noticed that my comment about America’s Best Comics above didn’t make any sense… I’ve only read LOEG, but plan on picking up the rest of Moore’s stuff in TPB, including Top Ten, Promethia, Smax, and Tomorrow Stories.

    I liked the first couple years of Transmet, but think it really disintegrated after that. I remember reading a quote from Ellis perhaps a year ago, saying that “characterization doesn’t exist” or words to that effect. Explains a lot. Nothing I’ve read from him since the end of New Scum has had strong characters. All his comics now read like he wrote them the night before they were due (even Global Frequency # 1, which he claims he spent more time on than any comic prior to that). He’s got great ideas, and his stories are just capsules for those ideas. I’d rather just read his blog and get the ideas without the fluff.

    Stray Bullets is brilliant.

    I plan on picking up Y and Lucifer in trades ASAP.

    Fables doesn’t look all that interesting to me, but I might pick up an issue and check it out anyway.

  13. Aquaman has turned into a super hero comic with a solid down-to-Earth story – which means less action and more focus on Aquaman’s reluctance as the “king of the seas.” You have to be a fan of the character to appreciate it.

    Hellblazer is awesome. unfortunately anyone jumping on is going to be lost for several issues until they’re able to catch a hold of the mythology of the character. It is, after all, the longest running Vertigo title ever.

    Y The Last Man is a great book, but you need to be on from the beginning or you’ll be hopelessly lost. Definitely check out the trades.

    Pretty much the same is true for Lucifer, however, there’s more a chance of jumping on to his book than the former.

  14. I’m really enjoying a series called Wanted, where the villains have taken over. It also seems to have a Hollywood casting tinge to it (Halle Berry is cast as a cat like character…)

    And here’s an old two part classic that your finer comics shops might have: “The Transmutation of Ike Garuda”, written by Elaine Lee, just stunning science fiction. It’s old though….

  15. Promethea is beyond brilliant, especially the 12th issue

    buddy recommended The Goon – a dark horse comic – I’m reading it now.

    Singularity 7 (put out by IDW) also looks good

    & there’s always Dawn

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