Technoccult readers in Austin, New York, or Chicago: Klintron is coming to your town

I’m flying to Austin for work on Wednesday July 28th and staying until August 1st. Any readers in the Austin area want to meetup?

I’m also going to be in New York and Chicago for week each sometime in the second half of September, most likely.


  1. What part of New York? The city?

  2. I’ll be staying in Manhatten. Can’t be more specific than that yet.

  3. Hello. I live between both in the North and South sides of the city of Chicago. Wonder if you’d like to meet for a coffee or a pint and some discussion. Do You know specific dates?

  4. I’ll be in New York from the 15th until the 22nd and in Chicago from the 23rd until the 30th.

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