MonthMarch 2004

Leaving tomorrow

Well, our plane leaves tomorrow at 8:50! I’ll probably be posting sporadically once I’m there. And posting pictures to my photo album. But I’m not sure how often I’ll be around an Internet connection, or what sort of data support I’m going to have for the Treo.

Welcome the guest bloggers

Well, I’m out of here in the morning. I’ll probably still be blogging at Klintron’s Brain.

The migration is in process, I have no idea what sort of odd behavior it may cause. I’m sure problems will arise, and I will try to fix them as they come up. The dot-com URL should continue to be reliable.

And most importantly, I’d like to welcome Michael and Wes to the mic.

Olympia, WA March 30, 2004

Poll closed

Would you consider getting a brain implant?

Yes: 69.5%

No: 17.3%

not sure: 13%

Total votes: 23

No new poll for a while, I need to install new polling software and I don’t want to mess with it until I get back from Europe.

Link-soup 3.29.04

Link-soup is spiraling out of control.

Nissan call for submissions

Treo 180 unlock instructions

Interactionfield – Public Space (via No Sense of Place)

Institute for Applied Autonomy (via No Sense of Place)

International Workshop on Inverse Surveillance (via Abe)

Place Lab (via No Sense of Place)

Cities move to a 4/4 beat (via city of sound)

Adam on simputer

Adam on the new Goolge design

The Nokia 6820 looks nice, but doesn’t run symbian and just has a WAP

(btw, congrats on the new job Adam)

Tate’s first ascii video

Tate’s put up an ASCII video. I watched it on my PC the other day, and indeed it didn’t look so good. Watched it on a Mac this morning, and it was pretty cool. It was still a bunch of abstract blobs, but definently much cooler looking.

The End of the World

Funny Flash movie

Link-soup 3.28.04

Damn Abe makes Austin sound good…

Top Ten things I never learned in design school (via dive into mark)

video game collage (via Abstract Dynamics)

Rastasoft, creators of HasciiCam, FreeJ, and more (via angermann2)

trends in digital technology for urban spaces [PDF] (via angermann2 via notes from somewhere bizarre via Smart Mobs)

I’m a pirate

Back in Oly

Well, the move went as smoothly as can be expected, and I’m in Oly trying to tie up the last of my loose strings before leaving wednesday.

From Becca’s travel log

Oh, about Brian S. being detained by immigration. It turns out that along with his slightly hippie appearance, several books of irish literature and poetry, and a few well-known anarchist zines, they had decided that he was an active member of the IRA and held him up for several hours questioning him about his political beliefs. I believe he stuck with, “I’m here to learn,” which is true. He hasn’t given much detail about it and I don’t want to push it because I’m sure it was pretty traumatic. But they let him go and he’s fine, so that’s good.

The rise and fall of 21st century jobs

Interesting article from Personnel Zone about growth of certain jobs. But how plausible is this?:

In 2002 Easy Jet advertised in the national press for a new position as “Head of Fun”. Whilst people naturally smile at such a job, the underlying logic behind such roles is simple and compelling, aiming to boost the productivity of the workforce and reduce the costs of high staff turnover. Fun workers will not be employed to turn the office into a party venue. Instead, they will focus on how to make work more enjoyable and as a result more productive. Clearly many aspects of many jobs can be unpleasant and that is just the way work is, but fun workers will be let loose to discover ways of improving these tasks. More generally, fun workers will aim to identify interesting ways of making all aspects of our working lives more enjoyable, whilst at the same time improving the bottom-line performance of the organisation.

Via Fast Company


I couldn’t get MT-blacklist running on my old server, but now I’ve got it up and running, and if nothing else I’ve been able to easily delete hundreds of old spams.

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