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Dark anneversary


The last time I saw Jon was two years ago today. We were looking at my high school year book, from my senior year. He said there were a lot of hot girls in my high school. Then I decided to take a nap, and he and Bird went in his room and blasted rap music as loud as they could.

And later that night, he took off in a canoe across Eld Inlet, never to be seen again.

I was a bit annoyed with him when he died, since I was trying to sleep while he was blasting rap music. But in actuality, we’d been getting along better than ever around that time. I think about a week before was when we seriously trashed our apartment. We were sick of the mess, and no one ever cleaning up, so we made a real fuckin’ mess. I’d share the pictures, but my gallery software is down. Here’s an example:


It worked. By lunch the next day the whole house was clean.

*sigh* Well, I’m off to Olympia. Some sort of recognition-get-together is going to happen.

Lie detector glasses

Is your spouse cheating on you? Find out soon!

Our products were originally for law enforcement use – we get all our technology from Nemesys-co – but we need more development time [for that application],” said Dave Watson, chief operating officer of parent V LLC ( “So we decided to come out sooner with consumer versions at CES.

Link (via 21F)

March of the Sinister Ducks

Perhaps my favorite funny song ever, March of the Sinister Ducks by Alan Moore (yes, that Alan Moore) and David J. (from Bauhaus), is available as an mp3.

How do you like your link-soup?

So it seems every blogger ends up with a bunch of extra links they just don’t know what to do with… no real commentary is needed, and to blockquote every single one in its own entry would end up taking up excess space. Abe and Tate put their links on a sidebar. Kottke and Tom have integrated their linklogs into their main posts (apparently, Kottke is using a bunch of hacks to do this).

I’m trying to decide what’s most useful to me, and I’m leaning towards just doign what I’ve been doing — putting them in regular posts — and creating a new MT category for them. But I’m curious if any of you readers have a preference.

Ray Caesar


Ray Caesar (via Bev)

Also from Bev: Lee Bontecou retrospective

Link-soup 1.25.04

1. Helmut Newton biography by JG Ballard (via Abe)

2. Helmut Newton retrospective (via Abe)

3. Outsourcing to India slowing?

4. Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, Open Source Democracy, see also Minimal Compact: An open-source constitution for post-national states)

5. The most stressful city in American is a west coast city, and least stressful is an east coast city. (via Planetizen)

Link-soup flashback: the sTaRe links

Originally posted to sTaRe (compiled here for personal reference)

Uncle Roy All Around You


Supafly< ?A>

Landscape as Interface (cancelled Evergreen program)

Yukinori Yanagi

Tribe 13

Kris Kuksi

Memo to Barbie: You Aren’t The Only Model Ken Knows

Knock it off with the trucker hats already

Reefer gladness
Drug users in the next office and atop the corporate ladder

I Can Believe It’s Not Real Absinthe!

Bleeding Edge of 1983

New kid’s theme park simulates real-life

Geonotes (virtual graffiti)

1,000 Journals

The Dullest Blog in the World

droplift project

Aaaand we’re back

Sorry for the downtime. My bad (you need to login to the freeshell unix shell every so often to keep from having your homepage locked out… thanks to freeshell to their amazingly quick resolution).

Posts forth coming. Eat a link to keep you healthy in the mean time..

We’re Living in Robert Anton Wilson’s World

Meant to post this a while back and forgot:

If there’s a central message to Wilson’s work, the film tells us, it’s the agnostic notion that you can’t be completely certain about anything — and that even when you’re pretty sure an idea is baseless, it might be fun to entertain it for an evening. Somewhere between absolute belief and absolute incredulity, he tells us, the universe contains a maybe. To which anyone who follows the news these days can reply: No doubt.

Reason: We’re Living in Robert Anton Wilson’s World

(thanks Sauceruney).

Congratulations Susan

Susan had her baby today! It’s a healthy yet to be named, boy.

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