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Old Manuel DeLanda Interview

Now I know why Abe’s always talking about this guy:

“Instead of the peasant that shows up to the market to sell a certain amount of corn, here you have a wholesaler with a huge warehouse where he stores all the corn he can. If the prices are too low, he can always with drawn certain amounts from the market, put them in the warehouse, and artificially make the prices go up. When the prices go up, he then sells the rest of the corn at these high prices and he makes a lot of money. But, of course, he is manipulating demand and supply. He is not being governed by these anonymous forces. He is not being subject to self-organization; he is organizing everything in a planned cunning way. And so, because economists use the word “market” to describe both, that is one of the main confusions I see in contemporary thought.

We need another word to describe these organizations that are large enough to manipulate markets. A word has been suggested by historian Fernand Braudel and it is a very simple one: “anti-market.” Why? Because they manipulate markets. And so today, in the United States, there is a very strong political movement, mostly by the right wing, and Newt Gingrich is perhaps the most well known politician in this regards, who are trying, as they say, shrink the size of the government, let market forces have more room to operate. But, of course, translated into the terms we?ve just introduced, what they really want to do is let anti-market forces run wild. They don?t really want small producers and small manufacturers and bakers and printers and mom-and-pop shops to have more room to manoeuver and make money. They want national and international corporations to have more room to manoeuver. They want to shrink government so that there are less regulations to keep international and national corporations from doing what they want.

Zero News Datapool: An Interview with Manuel de Landa

Sensual Liberation Army

Doc and Pagan have been rockin’ at Sensual Liberation Army since Doc went commercial with it. SLA’s been around for years longer than Fleshbot, so stop by and check out the original pornblog. I really need to start posting there again…

Dell DJ vs. Apple iPod

Good comparison of the new DJ and the iPod. I found this part particularly interesting:

Much is made of the sheer simplicity of the iPod’s navigation system. Actually, in many ways I like the DJ’s system better. It has a clever mechanical scroll wheel-button combination that some people will like better than the solid-state scroll wheel on Apple’s device. And the DJ has an on-off button, something that disappears in the iPod’s too-cool minimalist design. (To turn off an iPod, one has to push and hold the play button. It’s sort of like shutting down a Windows computer by clicking the start tab.) The other buttons on Dell’s maximalist design are all clearly identified and intuitive.

Via Gizmodo.

Tobias on Adbusters


Just the other day I was flipping through an issue of Adbusters and thinking maybe I should start reading it (I’ve looked though many issues, but never read any of the text). Maybe I shouldn’t bother:

Adbusters is rotating itself endlessly. The corporations are already one step ahead, already having appropriated the aesthetics of culture jamming and jammed billboards in particular. Appropriation of appropriation, sampling of sampling. Sometimes I think Adbusters? tactic is to increase their circulation to the limit, to the absolute global limit, then drop the purest of revolutionary propaganda in a global swoop, at the right time, the perfect time… certainly there is this romanticism lurking in the closets of this West Coast ?zine. But it will never happen: it?s already been appropriated, meaning that all is left is the anger & vicousness of a burnt-out activist, yelling at everyone & no-one, trying to find the enemy on all sides rather than realising that there is a place to begin, without hate, cynicism, anger, and what it leads to: authoritarianism

(image from the Onion, via Tobias)

iPod update (updated 12/2/03)

So it turns out that Apple’s support page has listing for a $99 battery service out of warranty. I searched for iPod batter at the Apple support page and didn’t find this, but it’s turned up on a few blogs. So this leads to a few possibilities:

1. The recording on the Apple support call on the previous link was faked.

2. This was a fluke and the technician called was not aware of the $99 service.

3. Apple does not tell users about the $99 battery service, and the information about it is buried on the web site (note: the info might not be very buried, I didn’t look hard nor am I an iPod owner).

I’d call Apple support myself and try to find out about this, but I’m thinking they’re probably swamped with calls from people trying to duplicate this.

Also, I noticed the link to the battery replacement is to an AppleCare page… is there a difference between AppleCare and normal Apple support? It looks like you have to pay extra for AppleCare. So can someone who did not already purchase AppleCare get their battery replaced for $99?

Update: Some info from Mac Rumors. I wonder when that video was made/when the Apple support call was recorded. It seems that before Nov. 14th 3rd parties were the only way to get your iPod battery replaced.

Update 2: The brothers have posted a message with the story behind their video. This took place in September before Apple began offering replacement batteries and was not a fluke, Apple was the in the habit of telling people to just buy new iPods when the batteries failed.

Behind the Veil

Greg Taylor is connecting the dots between UFO theories, psychedelia, the occult, ,and who knows what else in his column “Behind the Veil.”
Link (via Link).

Bad bad memes

Oh Man, Aaron Pierce (who is not a stupid white man) sent me this damn site again and now I can’t get anything done. Some good ones:

klint is president and chief executive officer of the swedish american health system

mike garvey is placed on administrative leave amid allegations that he’s had sex with male prostitutes

adam greenfield is an excellent actor

matt wade is expressly forbidden

dr. menlo is a stapler that emits a constant high

That last one turns out to be the result of this site, which also tells me that:

klintron is a saucepan that can heat a small house

matt wade is a briefcase that’s great for hammering in nails! It shreds documents and looks like a pot-plant.

william blaze is a cardboard box that keeps drinks cold and looks like a fish

pagan moss is an explosive device that feeds your pets and can play the trumpet

brennio is a security camera that runs on compressed air and is laced with vodka

sauceruney is a pair of underpants that doesn’t distract you from your work, is monogrammed (up to three letters) and must be replaced every morning.

water is a pot plant that makes you invisible, plays the theme from Steptoe and Son and lasts for up to a week

iPod’s unreplaceable battery lasts only 18 months

iPody’s dirty secret. Via Adam, who’s been on a roll since he got settled in NYC.

Just another reason I’m glad I got a Dell instead of an iBook.


Adam on traffic sign design: “Ever since Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir devised the original UK road signage standards in the 1950s, for example, a mixture of initial caps with lowercase letters has been found to enhance legibility at speed – and every national standard I?m aware of respects this convention, from Korea and China to France and the US.”

Adam on “alternative” discount airlines. “Even I don’t know anyone crazy enough to book a flight on the strength of a font, or the fact that the guy who designed the pilot’s uniforms did a collection for MiuMiu”

Just hit Doors of Perception Magazine for the first time in a while. Lotsa new stuff.

A SF Gate piece debunking the myth that the verdict in the Dan White case was based on Twinkies

Competition vs. Cooperation

Margin Walker debate on transhumanism

There’s a discussion about transhumanism going on Margin Walker right now.

Where do you stand? Imagine our world a few hundred years in the future. Are you more or less wired in? Would you become a holdout, a rebel in Zion as it were? What is your threshold for humanity? Do you define yourself by your physicality?

Link. (comments disababled to encourage discussion at MW)

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