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Now here’s an work adventure opportunity… m’mate Dave passed this on to me… not sure if I could hack it, but I’m certainly thinking about it.

Most jobs with RPSC are in Antarctica for four to six months during the austral summer field season which extends from October to February. The majority of U.S. Antarctic Program participants work at McMurdo Station for the summer season. Others work at South Pole and Palmer Station.

Wintering personnel usually stay for eight to twelve months from October through October. In addition to the environmental challenges of the Antarctic continent, the working conditions present their own challenges. Schedules are often hard to keep due to unpredictable weather and difficulties associated with transportation and communications. Six- to seven-day work weeks are the rule. Housing for most participants is in dormitory-style rooms with roommates and shared bathroom facilities.

Dave also said they give you a free stop off anywhere in the world on the way back…

My job description

Just came across this on the company web site:

Overview of Position:
Provides direct support to a Merchant team (Buyer, Planner, Assistant Buyer) by performing data entry, systems support and other clerical functions related to Purchase Order entry, UPC and EDI processing. May also be involved in information gathering, recapping and analysis. This position provides a good introduction to the career opportunities in the Merchant offices.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Performs efficient and accurate data entry as it relates to Purchase Orders, price changes, Item/Basic system updates and rejects, distribution changes, transfers.
  • Monitors and maintains support information for the assigned area.
  • Ensures that samples are properly taken care of.
  • Assists with advertising schedule and turn-in.
  • (sorta been wondering about this)

    Creative Space

    Via the always wonderful Creative Generalist comes this old Fast Company article: Creative Space:

    Cloepfil helped by supplying most staff members with 10-foot-long wooden work tables, rather than with standard-issue desks. The sofas in the quads on floors three, four, and five look like they might have been rescued from someone’s den — but they give the place a more casual look. Three direct-draw beer dispensers — or “kegerators,” one of which came from the old office — get plenty of use, as does the new hammock on the roof deck. And the ultimate sign of comfort: People are beginning to write on the walls.

    Nokia announces the 6820

    Nokia has officially announced the 6820 (previously referred to as the 6850). I wonder if it will run Symbian… the 6800 doesn’t. Anyway, it has an XHTML browser and instant messaging and an awesome form factor. The 6800s run about $350, so I guess this will be comparable to the Treo 600. Nokia says it will be out Q1 of 2004, but doesn’t say in what countries.

    Via Gizmodo.

    Look Look Magazine: a tool?

    Abe points out that Look Look Magazine, a new magazine for “young photographers, writers, and artists” is owned by Look-Look, a trendpotting firm run by Dee Gordan (she of the Tipping Point fame). While this may turn some off, it’s what makes me interested in the magazine. According to this, Gordan’s L Report cost $5,000 each. Look Look costs $6. I haven’t seen the magazine yet, but what if this could be used by small businesses and non-profits to develop marketing campaigns? Maybe it would be useless in this capacity, but I’ll bet it will be more useful than the Trendcentral newsletter (which is fun, but not terribly useful).

    Things I did recently

    1. Met Joe Coleman at a signing. 2. Watched Kill Bill, Four Rooms, and Spun. 3. Ordered the new Disinfo book 4. Looked for a ticket to the sold out Simon and Garfunkel concert.

    I’m still looking for a ticket…

    tunA: mobile wireless music sharing

    An interesting project from Medialap Europe:

    tunA is a mobile wireless application that allows users to share their music locally through handheld devices. Users can “tune in” to other nearby tunA music players and listen to what someone else is listening to. Developed on iPaqs and connected via 802.11b in ad-hoc mode, the application displays a list of people using tunA that are in range, gives access to their profile and playlist information, and enables synchronized peer-to-peer audio streaming.

    tunA could accommodate a number of scenarios in which people gather during the course of the day. For example, while riding the bus or subway to and from work, people could discover what other commuters are listening to nearby and perhaps get to know each other over time. Or while spending an afternoon in a park or on the beach, people could tune in to the music their friends are listening while relaxing under the sun and have a shared music experience without disturbing others nearby who don’t wish to listen to music.

    Via City of Sound.

    Social hardware on Margin Walker

    I started this thread on Margin Walker a couple weeks ago. I didn’t explain what I was going for very well, though. Kinda hard to explain what I’m going for, really. “I want to invent some magic thing that will reconnect everyone to their communities and melt away everyone’s insecurity.” Yeah right, Klint.

    Holiday Inn and Nickelodeon develop kid’s hotel

    I read about this in today’s Trencentral newsletter. It sounds really cool:

    Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts has teamed up with Nickelodeon to develop a themed hotel based on characters appearing on the cable network for children.

    Holiday Inn is to convert its 800-room Holiday Inn Family Suites Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, into a Nickelodeon hotel, complete with kids’ suites and characters from such Nickelodeon cartoons as ?Rugrats.”

    The property is due to open in the first half of 2005.

    Holiday Inn said the resort would undergo a USD20 million renovation to make it more kid-friendly with such touches as Nick-decorated bedrooms for the kids, complete with bunk- or twin beds and a TV and video-console system; two pools with waterslides and flumes; and live entertainment featuring Nick characters.

    Here’s the link.

    I miss work parties…


    Hey Becca, let me know about the next one and I’ll try to make it, k?

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