MonthSeptember 2003

Still alive

I’m still alilve, but my computer died. Just when I could afford internet access, too. So I bought a new motherboard, processor, and RAM… but I think I fried either the moboardor processor while installing them yesterday. It may be a while before I can afford to replace anything, so it looks like my primary mode of accessing the internet will continue to be my hiptop, with the occasional visit to the library or coffee shop. I might be picking up an old p1 system while I try to work out what’s wrong with my real system.

Other than that I’m still a temping at the department store. Nothing exciting going on.

Interesting stuff in the blogosphere

Abe’s notes on Tokion Magazine’s Creativity Now Conference. “… design has over taken British culture, its replacing advertising as a way to sell product.”

A design article by Adam and a conversation about it on Margin Walker.

danah’s thoughts about Burning Man, plus her notes on Commonwealth Club talk on dating in contemporary urban cultures. “Rather than finding the best person for us, look for the person that we could spend the rest of our life trying to make happy. When two people are devoted to making each other happy, the relationship would work.”

An occupational hazard for those who have no occupation

I read Nick Hornby’s About a Boy this weekend. In addition to all the big thoughts about life and relationships, as an unemployed person I liked the stuff about Will (an independently wealthy man) filling his time. “He had reached a stage where he wondered how his friends could juggle life and a job. Life took up so much time, so how could one work and, say, take a bath on the same day?” I wonder how I used to get by.

There was something in there about Will complaining about drinking too much coffee, which he described as an occupational hazard for those who have no occupation. Heh.

I certainly have no trouble filling up my days. I’m sort of itching to go back to work. Maybe it’s an inherent need to be productive, or maybe it’s societal pressure. But it certainly isn’t out of boredom. I haven’t even had Internet at home for a while, and I’m still able to pass the time.

By the way, I have my first temp assignment tomorrow. It will be nice to make some money and meet some people. But I’m going to miss the free time.

Corporate analysis of social networks

KM and the Social Network


Thoughts on employees reactions to social network analysis in the workplace.

Via Many to Many.

Cool Hunting blog

Josh Rubin hunts for cool and posts it on his blog.

See also Trendcentral.

Move over Milan

Also from CG: Milan faces being overtaken by London as the design capital of the world.

Espresso Stories

Via the always wonderful Creative Generalist: Espresso Stories tales you can swallow in a single gulp.

Robert Anton Wilson for governor

Link (via Disinfo).

Xeni Jardin’s Burning Man coverage

I didn’t get a chance to meet Ms. Jardin while I was out there. Maybe next year.

Burning Man: Coming to a town near you

I’m back. I’ll be posting some thoughts about Burning Man on my personal blog, as well as on Margin Walker in the near future. In the mean time, I’ll be posting some BM related links here… first off, check this:

Two full-time employees of Black Rock City LLC are helping develop regional spinoffs beyond those already growing in places like New York, Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Austin, Tex., ? and making sure they adhere to the philosophy of the original.

Black Rock Arts Foundation, meanwhile, has been set up to raise money and to bring radical art to communities nationwide. Organizers also just distributed what they call a ?Burning Man film festival in a box,? a do-it-yourself kit that they expect will promote avant-garde cinematography.

I think this is a great idea, as long as it is handled properly. I don’t think the Burning Man community is going to take it well, though.
Link (via Abstract Dynamics).

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