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No, I wouldn’t call it techno

No, I wouldn\'t call it techno

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Down time

I’m moving out out of my apartment tomorrow, and my computer will be in storage for a while. Hopefully no more than a couple weeks, but I don’t know at this point how long it will take me to get a place and get Internet service. I will have my handheld, and might be posting via mfop2.

New issue of 21C out

I’d given up on it, but 21C has a new issue out, finally.


Just got done installing XP. Took all day. Things seem to be running pretty smooth… no rougher than they were with 98, but not much better either.

I’m moving out tomorrow. I can’t wait. I’ll be sleeping on Mike and Mark’s porch for the time being. My computer’s going in the garage, so I’ll only have internet access from my handheld until I find a place in Seattle get setup. I’ll probably still be posting a little, though.

I’ve just noticed that Technoccult looks awful in Opera 7 and with IE6 under XP (at least on my computer). Back to the drawing board ASAP.

Program I’d like to take next summer

The Multicultural Face Of Europe, The Netherlands’ Experience It’s pricey, but looks extrememly interesting: “A three-week unit which will provide a chance to learn about how a densely populated country like Holland copes with immigration and integration issues, and how the Dutch methods compare to those in other countries.” It’s about 1,500 USD, not counting travel to Amsterdam and runs from June 16 – July 4, 2003.

Digital Graffiti

Turns out Abe is already working on a video graffiti project with his art group Four Seven. They use “a mobile digital projection system” to transform “the arcitecture of the city into a video canvas. Graffiti is built out of pure light.” My main questions about this system is: how much does a setup like this cost? I have the feeling adequate equipment is going to be prohibitvly expensive. Of course I don’t expect the video graffiti movement’s materials to be as cheap as spray paint, but it shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred bucks.

On the bright side, projecting video on blank walls might not even qualify as “graffiti” in the legal sense of the word.

I wonder if some form of SMS or ringtone spamming/hacking might be more effecient.

Thumbs click, gears shift!

That bamboo bike I posted about yesterday, and Cex’s song “Ghost Rider,” have made me nostalgic for bicycle riding. Right after I got back from Wyoming, I found a free bike while walking home. But it’s still a bit broken, and I haven’t been able to get it over to Owen’s to get it fixed yet.

I’ve never paid for a bike. I got my first bike when I was 6 or 7, my neighbors Mark and Travis in Dalhart taught me how to ride, and my dad bought me a bike. The next two bikes I had last me for years and years, both of which I won in the annual bike-a-thon contest. After the second of those bikes was stolen year before last, I inherited Jon’s bike. I… lost… that one. And I spent a year without any bike at all. And then I found this ten speed. It seems the universe likes for me to have bikes.

Mitch Fatel

Yay! Mitch Fatel was always one of my favorite guests on Dr. Katz but I never knew who he was. Today I found his web site via Creative Generalist. His site is silly and fun, be sure to watch the quicktime clips of him on television.

Photo album up

I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but I took a trip down memory lane last night while organizing my pictures. Most of the pics are from college year 2, which was pretty much the most intense year of my life. There will be more stuff, once I raid Ben’s computer and scan a bunch of my other photos.

Bamboo Bicycle

Another goodie from Abstract Dynamics: the bamboo bicycle. There’s a bunch of other bamboo projects on this site as well, such as a link to how to build your own Bamboo Geodesic Dome.

The bicycle comes from Christiania, a commune in Copenhagen which is in danger of being shut down. “Denmark’s new centre-right government has decided to clean up Christiania, for 30 years a hippy haven”

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