As of now I’m in Wyoming, visiting family and friends. I just graduated from Evergreen State College and am unemployed. After three years of working for Evergreen’s computer center, they let me go just for graduating. When I get back to Olympia, I’m gonna start looking for an apartment in Seattle and once I’ve moved there, start looking for a job. Of course, if something falls into my lap before then, I’d definently be interested. Alternatively, I might stay in Olympia for the summer and work some sort of manual labor job. It’d be nice to be away from computers and desks for a bit.

I took a few pictures at my graduation party, but they’re at home in Olympia and haven’t really looked at them. In the mean time, check out Becca’s pics.

I just can’t quit listening to the Smiths’ Hatful of Hollow.

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