Privatization of Space

Privatization of Space

December 24, 2002 8:52 pm 3 comments

The moon remained a vacant lot in a bad neighborhood – until last month, when TransOrbital Inc. became the first private company granted government permission to explore, photograph and land there. What’s fueling this moon rush is not just a juicy balance sheet, but a pulp fantasy version of the frontier. Rather than belonging to the Earth, lunar soil would belong to whoever staked a claim and had the best business model.

Alternet: The Men Who Sold the Moon

(via Three River Tech Review)


  • TransOrbital’s site is here.

    “Their thoughts and treasures are lost forever. Yours can last forever, permanently enshrined on the moon.”

    Ah, a lifeless world full of trinkets. The American dream? Actually, these guys are Ukrainian. Same difference, apparently.

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